Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New books and inspiration.....

Hi there!
How is your day going, I have been home today looking after my little niece who was sick and not at school, while my sister worked. ( I think my niece may have just been sick of school, because she perked up miraculously once we had done the morning school run!! hehe)
Anyway, we had a nice day together. I showed her my new knitting and crochet books 'Dream Toys' by Claire Garland and "Amigurumi Animals" by Annie Obaachan, and she found a few new favourite things for me to make!

"Dream Toys" is a great book, I have borrowed it from the library before and made this gorgeous mermaid for my niece's birthday last year. It turned out really well and looked a lot like the one in the book (different colours of course!).There are a lot of other lovely toys though, so I have been trying to find it in bookshops for ages. I couldn't believe it when I'm browsing through Lincraft, who were having a big book sale, and there is was, a pile of "Dream Toys' just waiting for me!! It was meant to be! So happy with my shopping!

How cute is this unicorn! This is what Bianca wants for her birthday this year, I think it will be fun to knit. I had better add this to my 'to do' list, which is getting longer by the day!

This is a cute little amigurumi bear, from the other book. It is another nice book, with some cute little animals, but is a bit less special than Dream Toys. I thought it might give me some good tips on improving my toy crocheting and it does have a nice amigurumi gallery at the back, also might give a few of the little guys a go, and see how hard they are to whip up!

Just about finished my new softie, sewing up hopefully tomorrow or the next day! Show you later in the week!

Do you have a lot on this week, are you flat out running around catching your tail, or is it going to unfold in a lovely civilised manner to be savoured and enjoyed?
I think my week is going to be nice and cruisey for a change! hehe.


  1. I have new found respect for your beautiful softies! I have been attempting my first Amigurumi monster (from this pattern http://emmavarnam.co.uk/?p=432) as a present for my Smallest's friend's birthday tomorrow. It has nearly reduced me to Bad Words! So far I have done 2 legs and 1 arm... It could be a late night.
    Enjoy your week!
    Sandra x

  2. Hey Jules, great looking books full of lots of inspiration. Love the Unicorn and it's flowers.

    Your latest softie looks fab.

    My week has been a mixed bag so far, not much crafting going on at the moment. Am missing my machine but hope to be back into it soon.

    Claire :)

  3. My week's crazy, can't wait for it to be over! Roll on next week - planning to take it nice and easy, just me and my girl pottering at home - bliss!
    Emily x
    PS - your new little softie looks great - can't wait to see it unveiled when it's finished.


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