Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Creative Space........grey kitty...

Today my creative space is all about finishing off a couple of things. I have just finished this grey kitty to add to my growing softie family (I guess I could call it the aqua kitty just as easily, but I tend to go with the body colour in my super imaginative naming process!)

I'm getting better at writing the patterns and doing the same things twice and getting the same results, so my confidence in the patterns is growing, just a bit more tweeking I think.

I used the standard granny square pattern for this little kitty's belly, I think it looks ok. I like the combo of aqua, lime and grey, so pretty pleased with the colours for this guy.

So, have a happy creative day and check out more creative spaces here at Kirsty's place.


  1. Very cute, I agree, love the kitty's colors :)

  2. Kitty is very cute .. for some reason I really, really, really like the yellow, curling whiskers! And I love the cushion Kitty is leaning against - great grannies!

  3. He is lovely and really gorgeous colour combinations.

  4. Jules, this is a different kitty and I love it, great colour combo.

    Cute whiskers curling up at the ends.

    I'm going to get creative and do the washing, vacuuming, bathrooms etc......

    Not quite as much fun.

    Claire :}

  5. Kitty is gorgeous! The colour combo is lovely.

  6. I just get crazy for your crocheted cats! Absolutely beautiful!!

  7. What great character and personality!

  8. Oh I want him!!! Seriously you should open a shop! Do you have one online?

  9. Hellooooooooo... I am habitual follower of your blog. love the colors you work with!! and your patterns... :o) I have been looking for your pattern of the bird... not the owl... the one in your picture at the top of your blog?? could you tell me where to find it?? Thanks, Beth ...


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