Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello there!

Well, I have taken some cute photos of my new project finished, but I can't upload them at the moment because our USB connectors all seem to be stuffing up and won't read my memory card. Huge bummer!! I realise how it is so hard to write an interesting post about crafty things without pictures! So sorry, the big reveal will have to wait till we fix the problem!

On other fronts, we are having nice relaxing summer holidays here, just come home from a few hours at the beach in Somers, (our local beach, there are a few other nice swimming beaches close by too) the water was divine, just right for a 35 degree day! The boys and I had a lovely swim and then bought killer pythons on the way home, to satisfy our sweet tooth! I don't envy Gary, who is slogging it out on the golf course, but each to their own!

Off to a friends place for dinner tonight, so will have a lovely evening I think!

Hope you are all having a nice weekend, too!

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