Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

....Well, I know it is already 3 days ago, but I have been a bit slack with the blogging, so here is my Christmas day recap! This is how the table and room looked before everyone arrived.....

......here are the boys with a couple of there Christmas weapons and new clothes, they were very happy with the offerings that Santa left, so score 1 for him!....

.... and here we are all hoeing into our lunch! I cooked a big shoulder of pork on the bone that cooked on a very low heat (120degrees c) for about 10 hours ( I put it in the oven at 3.30 in the morning!) so it just fell apart and was yummy, (excellent crackling!!) and we had delicious prawns on the barbie and oysters for starters, and mini chocolate meringues with berries and cream and strawberry sauce! Sooooo lots of eating!!

I think everyone had a nice day and the kids went mental with all the presents and lollies and special stuff, which is to be expected I guess! It was great to have all the family together, my grandpa is 92, so it was good to get him down for a visit, it doesn't happen that often, so it is nice that everyone makes the effort at Christmas time!

The leftovers are almost finished and the house is nearly back to normal, so I guess Christmas is over for another year! It is such a fun build up for a big day, kind of going to miss that until next year.

But now I am thinking about all the possibilities of the new year, about fresh starts, a lack of procrastination, and how to achieve a few goals in the next 12 months - I can feel some resolutions coming on!!

Are you doing something fun to see in the new year? We are going to a party and will definitely be having some fun!!

I am going to make a list of resolutions and will post them soon, so I have a much better chance of keeping them if I put them down for all to see!! (That's the theory anyway.)

Have a great day, bye for now!

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful time with family and friends during the holidays. Wishing you all the best in 2011! Fantastic that grandpa could make it at 92...just wonderful!


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