Wednesday, November 24, 2010


How's your day been?

Mine has been spent working on my knitted bunting and playing with these little snowflakes.
(I probably should have photographed them somewhere other than my grotty ironing board). They were kind of squished up after crocheting, but blocking them has really helped show the patterns. I also tried a spray of starch to stiffen them a bit so they will dangle nicely, and it has really worked, they hold their shape well now. I have just got to chain them together and hang them in the window.

I have also officially turned down an out of the house "proper" job that I have been umming and arrrring about for a while, so I can have the time to try and make a little job out of making stuff.
Sooooo... there are no more excuses not to have a go and make, make, make to my hearts content. Sounds pretty idyllic, I get to be around here for the kids and get to do what I love to do for as long as I like! It would just be an added bonus if I could turn it into a little earner. The only catch is I am a bit slack on the self discipline side of things, so to actually produce any work I am going to have to treat it like a 'real' job and set some hours for myself. We'll see what happens.

Hope you had a fun day and tried to stay cool if you are in muggy Melbourne today!

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