Sunday, October 10, 2010

to market, to market......

Blogtober 10th

While we were in the city for the night yesterday, I made sure we got in a bit early and I had time to check out the Finders Keepers Market which was on at Victoria Harbour. I always seem to get lost in that area so it was pretty amazing I actually found the place, But I' m really glad I did! There were heaps of fantastic handmade stalls, just heaven for a handcraft crazy or anyone into things that are a bit different. IT WAS ACE!

I just had to show the cute necklaces I bought. This gorgeous little babushka one with 5 little dolls on a chain. I love it!

And this sweet bird pendant I couldn't pass up!

They are all handpainted onto acrylic and cut out and sealed with a varnish then put on chains, I think they are very funky and I had a lot of comments on them when I wore them last night. I got them from Jubly-Umph Originals, a Melbourne based jewelery designer. I really liked a lot of their stuff and the retro quirky feel her artwork has.

There were so many fab stalls at that market, it was kind of hard to take it all in, and I'm sure I missed heaps of lush goodies. I hope they hold it again, I definately would go with a bit more time ( and money!) next time.

I hope you all had great week ends too!
See you tomorrow!


  1. Those necklaces are lovely. I can't wait for Finders Keepers in Brisbane again next month ... I always manage to pick up a few lovely bits and pieces.

  2. These are so cute! great find!

  3. Oh they are adorable, I particularly love the Babushka necklace :)


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