Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Red Blankie Finished!!

Blogtober 6th

Ta da!.... I decided the other day that I have a character flaw in that I love starting things and beginning something new and getting to a point say 85% finished, and then thinking to myself "that's nearly finshed, its ok to start that next fantastic thing I can't wait for, I'll finish this off later". Well "later" sometimes doesn't come! Sooooooo.... I am going to make a concerted effort to 100% finish all the lovely things I start from now on.

With my new resolve I grabbed my lovely red blankie that was the first thing I made when I learnt to crochet. It was sitting on the back of the couch with a million threads waiting to be woven in and in need of some type of edging.

Now 2 days later It has an edge and theres not a loose thread in sight (thank goodness for that).
Officially. Finished. Totally. Completed.

It's a bit rough, as I wasn't sure how to join them all up, so just kind of made some joining stitches up, but I still really like these colours together, I might try a sunburst granny pattern in them.

The edge is a bit on the wonky side , but the boys don't care, so I'm not going to worry too much.

What do you think?
Do you start lots of things at once or work through a whole project before starting something new?

Anyway, have a great day, see you tomorrow, I might show you my last Japanese pattern book I think!


  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous and in a fantastic color too. I really must get my head into gear and learn how to granny square soon.

  2. Love the colours together. I have unfinished things all over the place. I love Rav for that - I can put in there how much of something I have done and when I am looking for something I can look at what I have started. I am finishing alot more than I used to too.

  3. What a great blanket - and the colours are so vibrant! Visiting you for the first time via Blogtoberfest (which I'm participating in too)!

  4. hey well done - i think i might have that 85% disease too ????
    at least it looks to be cureable ;)

    your blankie looks wonderful - the red is so cosy.
    so envious of your japanese pattern books - they have some amazing designs - wish i could read the patterns :(

  5. Wow what a great blanket, it's fabulous. I too have the same disease.

  6. Well done, love the colours. I'm always starting things without finishing other stuff. I've been good and finished 4 things last week and only started 3, so I would say I'm still ahead!

  7. Um .... WOW !!!!
    That is totally gorgeous. And a wonderful result for someone who is new to the hook. I've recently discovered crochet and I've loved hooked up a storm this winter ... but my granny stripe blanket is still not finished. You've inspired me to get a wriggle on!
    Happy blogtober fest to you!

  8. Another lovely blanket. I really like the way you've joined them - was going to ask what method you'd used!
    Yes, lots of unfinished wips here, but I'm trying to get better.

  9. I think it's beautiful and I really like the colors. I have lots of projects on the go. It helps sometimes when you have a large item you are working on to switch to something else to relieve the boredom. You should always ensure you note what hook size you are using though if you leave something as it can be a challenge if you have to guess. Another problem sometimes, is that you have to ensure your gauge is the same. This way though with lots on the go, I ensure I crochet every day which is what I strive for..not sure why.

  10. Ooh fantastic colours and the blanket look gorgeous. Love the way you've joined the granny's! Well done. What an inspiration! Have a good week. Cx

  11. Oh I love that blanket. It's stunning.

    I'm very fickle and rather impatient so I quite like to do small, quickly finished things.

  12. I think your blanket is just Darling!!!!
    love those colours together and what a joy to have it finished ready for snuggling in :)

    I'm trying to complete large projects before starting other large ones, but I usually have a couple of small things going at the same time I crochet a big far it's working ;)
    but in the past with other crafts I have failed at finishing many things, like patchwork quilts, x/stitches etc...

  13. Saw your lovely blanket on Pinterest today. I really love the colors especially. Do you happen to remember what brand yarn you used? :D


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