Saturday, October 2, 2010

new season

It has been a beautiful day here, after work this morning I decided to get stuck into the garden. The grand final was being replayed today - Go Pies! but it is way too nice outside to side cooped up inside and watch the telly. I channelled my inner bloke and had fun with the whipper snipper and then mowed the grass, it looks so good now! Also planted a heap of different vegie seeds for summer eating. Tomatoes ( Polish Giant, Oxheart, Purple Russian - such great evocative names!), Beans ( Rattlesnake, Snap), Zucchini (Blackjack, Lebanese), Sweetcorn (Snow Gold Bicolour), Snowpeas ( Roi deCarouby) and A heap of different sunflowers. Sunflowers are going to be my cutting flower for summer, they are one of my favourites, I particularly like the Prado Red variety which has beautiful reddish, maroony petals and dark centres. It is a bit hard to come by though. Must see if Diggers have any this year.
I like to sow my seeds into these little biogradable pots that I can plant out with out having to disturb my little seedling, I have a problem with snails if I sow direct and I find this method works well for me.
Any hoo, probably enough garden talk, I'm off to get ready to go out for dinner at a friends place, we're leaving our eldest son home with a couple of his mates so I hope the house isn't a total shamble when we get home - I'm sure it won't be, I have total faith in their ability to get completely involved in Call of Duty and not move from the couch for 4 hours! hehe.
Have a great day/night and see you tomorrow!


  1. LOL, yes, my son is the same. No worries about a dirty house - unless he was to clean it for me.


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