Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lovely Spring Day...

Blogtober 19th

....Still got a bit of a flower theme today, there are just so many lovely flowers out at the moment, I picked this little bunch of sweetpeas from our garden, these are the first ones to flower but I couldn't resist bringing them inside, I love their colour combos.
And we have big patches of beautiful iris this year, I think the extra rain we had has really been welcomed by the iris and they are bigger and flowering better than previous years.

I had a very cruisey day today, which was really nice. I rode my bike into town to get some things for dinner and felt very carbon friendly! It is the start of my effort to lose a bit of 'bakery fat' that has accumulated over a year of too many coffee scrolls and sourdough rolls! It was a beautiful day and I felt great to get out in it! My mum and little niece came for a visit after lunch, which was nice, my niece can sniff out any random piece of chocolate and found some easter eggs that had been missed down the back of the fridge! She said they were still yummy!
A friend and I took our boys to the skate park after school for a while and had a nice chat in the sun, and I even did a bit of public hooky!

Anyway, I had a lovely day, hope you did too!

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