Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crocheting cute.....

Blogtober 27th

These are some little baby bibs I'm making, these are my first few tries, I did some boy colour and some girly colour, cause I don't know what my sister is having. They are lovely and soft made from pure cotton so they should wash up fine too.
I'm thinking of making some more to put in my 'things that are finished for a future Madeit shop' stockpile. I really like making things for little ones, and I have lots of ideas for some cute little mobiles and cot blankies. Have to get on to it!!

Thought they might look cute with a sweet flower, but I think it needs to be slightly bigger than this one, what do you reckon?

Have a great day!


  1. they are nice and i think the flower is big enough

  2. Wow! These are just adorable. I think they are just right. I hope you either give us the pattern or sell the pattern as it is fantastic.

  3. I think the flower is just perfect as it is!! Oh how lovely these 2 bibs are... Make me want to make a third baby ;) hehe
    Kisses to you...

  4. Just the sweetest little bibs :)
    lovely work!

  5. Gorgeous colours. Perhaps the flower should be positioned lower, to one side to avoud being in the direct line of dribble!


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