Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogtober 17th...

Sooooo....... Haven't got much to say tonight. We had Gary's extended family over for a big reunion lunch today, which was a fun day, so I haven't gotten around to taking any photos of anything for the blog. We are all cleaned up again and just about to sit down for a bit of hooky time I think. My sister in law bought her knitting with her today, and was making hats, something I haven't made before. It looked pretty easy so I might have a go on some little baby or kids hats and then decorate them with some crochet edging or flowers, I have a few colour schemes in mind already.

Thanks for the feedback regarding setting up a little shop on Madeit or Etsy, I am busy making some things and hope to have enough to open a shop in the not too distant future! It is a bit daunting getting out there and putting your stuff up there for sale, what if no one is interested in what I make? It could be a very short lived venture! Also how do you decide on a price for your creations, I find this really hard, a lot of stuff on Madeit and Etsy seems really cheap for the work and time that has gone into it, how do you balance this and still try and be competitive?
There is a lot to think about!

Hope you had a great weekend! Back to the normal routines tomorrow, the weekends just fly by! My last day of working at the bakery tomorrow, and then a few weeks break (Yay!) before I start a new part time job, so lots of time to go into a hooky frenzy and produce lots of gorgeous things!

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  1. Good luck with everything. You sound so busy just like me lately. Step by step and you'll see good things happen.


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