Wednesday, September 15, 2010

vintage crochet....

We visited my father in law recently and my crochet radar went off when I spotted this lovely blankie on the back of his couch. He told me it was made by an aunt of his in the late 1950's for my father and mother in laws' wedding . So this blankie has been around for over 50 years, in a home that raised 3 children and all the comings and goings that having a family entails, and still looks in very good nick. (I only spotted 1 tiny hole).
It's nice to think that all the work and love that goes into a hand made crochet project is not wasted and can still be appreciated and admired and used for many years to come! I guess a lot of the things we make for our families and ourselves become true family heirlooms, informing our children and grand children about the care and love we have for them. They become even more special as time passes and create a physical link from us to our future generations. I really find thinking about these things quite comforting. Do you think the things you make now will become part of your families history? Do you take something from this idea when you are working on a big project?
Anyway, just something to think about I guess, I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Ooohhhh I love that balanket !
    My Nan crotched blankets made from old jumpers that she bought from opshops and even 15 years after she's passed away, everyone in the family still has at least one or two! The pastel coloured blanket she made just for me still has pride of place on my spare bed!
    Thanks for a lovely post....I might go and rug up under Nan's blanket this afternoon !
    Have a great day :)

  2. The older the better huh! I love my Mum's knitting and crochet and will treasure everything she has made always... if I manage to wrestle some of it off my sister!!!!
    I wonder where all my cushions will end up one day....!!!

  3. This is so special. I just love all these old handmade stuff that is so in at the moment. It such a treasure! Thanks for the lovely post. Have a good week. Carina x

  4. Yes, great post and I know that I carry so many memories in the things I crochet whether if it was who I made it for or what was going on in my life at that time or just the great feeling of knowing I put my efforts into something special for someone else. That is one reason I think, that pillows and afghans are so nice to give. I'm sure they give the recipient lots of warm thoughts too.

  5. Lovely blanket, that's true. Do you have any idea which stitch this is oder pattern ?
    Thank you for a response
    Kind regards from Berlin


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