Sunday, September 26, 2010

At my house....

..... I've just noticed that the garden is going bonkers! (and needs a good mow again! doh!) We have had heaps of rain recently and everything has just taken off. We have been away this weekend to Shepparton, and when we got home I had a wander around our lush garden, and the vegie garden in particular.

There are plenty of snowpeas quietly flowering and making pods.

I have these beautiful crimson broadbeans in several spots in my garden, they are looking lovely now, we should get plenty of broadys from them too.

Red cabbages nearly big enough to pick.

Green cabbage ready now. I've also grown collards this year but I'm not really sure what to do with them. (I heard the chooks like them, mine don't seem too impressed)

Beetroot bed, I am growing several differnt varieties of beetroot this year - chiogia(stripey), golden,bulls blood, and cylindra. Also put in some white ones but I don't think they came up.
The idea was to have all of these lovely coloured baby beets ready to go, so I can make a really nice roast beetroot salad. We should be able to do that soon!

The Tuscan Kale has been ace this year, and is still going strong.

This is my little adventure chook, she is the only one of our chooks who likes to fly over their fence and have a wander about the garden. I've recently found her hidden nest where she likes to lay her eggs in peace. She's a funny little thing!

All this nice weather has made me think about planting out some things for summer. I used to grow vegie and herb seedlings for a market stall, so I was always on top of what should go in for the season; but I'm not doing the market this year and I have got behind in my sowing as the pressure has been off. Very slack of me! Time to get these seeds in!

Just thought I'd end with a photo of some lovely cotton yarn I picked up in Bendigo yesterday. Can't wait to turn it into some great stuff! Lots of ideas for all of this.
And I have just spent an hour and a half weaving in all of the threads on my blankie and it is now COMPLETELY FINISHED! Yay! Photos to come soon!
I hope you all have had lovely weekends!


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL, lush and productive garden :)
    wonderful to have a stroll through with you!
    My hubby has just made a second garden, ready for some planting this week, our other garden is full of baby vegies, not much to pick at the moment as most of our winter veg are finished.
    There is such a sense of accomplishment isn't there growing and picking your own vegies :)

    I Love, love, love your Bendigo Cotton - gorgeous colours!

  2. Great post-really enjoyed the gardening and the yarn looks soooo good.

  3. What a lovely walk through your garden. I would love you to share how you use your cabbage and also how you cook your beetroot. You are going to have some many great things to use. They are looking so healthy. I am very excited with my little chives, spring onions and parsley. I need to stay small as I have issues with neglecting and not watering my garden. That is the beauty of spring - it rains for me!

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lovely to visit your garden. Lou.

  4. Oh my goodness, we were at BWM on Sat too.
    What a great tour through your garden, it all looks so gorgeous.

  5. LOve your garden and all that Bendigo goodness. The colours are gorgeous.


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