Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Neon stripes - Tadah!

Hello!  How is your week going?  I am actually keeping very busy with crochet type things, I have received a couple of orders for things from people who visited my stall at the market, which is a lovely bonus and means I will be  kept busy with the hook for the next week or so.  I feel like I almost have a 'proper' job with all my different yarny endeavours - the market, orders and my online shop and blog all add up to keeping me pretty busy, I am so happy that I can work for myself with such a nice variety of tasks to do day to day, I feel very lucky!  Thank you all for the lovely encouragement and support you wonderful crafty peeps have given to me over the last few years, it really is worth following your dreams, I am so glad I decided to follow mine! xxx

So anyway, I thought I'd show you how my neon stripe blanket finished up, I crocheted the edge last night and I think it has turned out really well!  I am really liking the grey with the brights, I hope my lovely customer, like it too, it will be winging it's way across the ocean very soon!'s how it looks flat out, it has ended up about cot sized I think, and took about 18 balls of wool! 

In case anyone is interested, the yarns I used were:
Zara for the neon stripes, 1 ball of each colour, and Loyal DK in the dark grey 13 balls.
It is just the basic skinny stripe pattern of 1 double row of sc in a neon colour, alternated with 4 double rows of grey. My other skinny stripe blankets with single stripes of colour are here and here.

Have a great hooky day! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

More than a Granny, review and giveaway!

Today I have something lovely to share with you all, my crafty friends.  
A hooky friend of mine, Shelley Husband, has just written a fabulous 
ebook called 'More than a Granny' and it is full of good stuff for us crochet fans.
(Shelley has a great blog called Spincushions and is big on Instagram too!)  

Lucky me, Shelley forwarded a copy to me for a sneaky preview, 
so I have been giving it a good read!

I am in awe of her ability to produce such a resource for crocheters, her designs are really great, with 20 motifs including a nice mix of flowery motifs, more lacy type square and also some excellent geometric designs too.  There is something for everyone in this selection of patterns, and another interesting thing that Shelley has done is make them all the same size so you could make a beautiful mixed motif blanket using lots of different squares!  How gorgeous would that be, I think that's going on my to do list! 

The patterns are very well explained with clear instructions and a good stitch dictionary for those slightly trickier stitches.   There are some simpler patterns that would be good for new crocheters, and there are also some challenging ones for the more experienced hooker to get their teeth into! 
There is a US and UK version so you won't get confused with stitch terms. 

I thought I would give this lovely square called 'Crop Circles' a try, I love all the circles, and it would also look great in bold mixed colours, I think it has a bit of a modern retro feel to it, it would make a great blanket!
This is Shelley's example from the ebook, noice! :)

 And here is my first two squares, I love them, even if they need a bit of a blocking!  
I am thinking I will make 42 and do a little blanket, I have gone to my favourite colours, but I have a few others to add in the next square.
This pattern was a nice challenge for me, I wasn't sure if I could do all the different circles and get them looking good, but I followed Shelley's pattern and it has turned out great!  I like Shelley's tips for getting a professional finish to your crochet, it really is the little things that make a difference.

I have to confess I had never read an ebook before, ( I am a bit of a traditionalist and like a real book to look at) but I found it really easy and convenient and think I am a convert, I will probably look into more books in this format!   
And you don't need an e-reader to use it, it can be downloaded as a PDF from Smashwords, easy peasy!  It is available from lots of places on the internet, have a look at Shelley's post here for more info on techy stuff, and where you can pick up a copy. :)

And guess what!
Shelley has generously offered a free copy to a reader of Little Woollie! :)  
So if you would  like to win a copy of this lovely crochet ebook, leave a comment and tell me what is your favourite thing to make from motifs.  Blankets? Bags? Cushions? I will pick a winner on Saturday, good luck! 

Ok I think that is all I have for you today, I am going to go and make another crop circles square! :)

Have a lovely hooky day! :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Friday Finds #24 -The Holiday Editions

This post contains affiliate links :)

So for today's Etsy finds I thought I would have a look for cute things that we crafty types can make for festive decorations and also for stocking fillers for any little ones that may be around at Christmas time. Thankfully there are heaps of clever peep out there selling downloadable patterns for all sorts of things and many different crafts....
So here are a few to get you crafting up a storm for Christmas! 


1.There are lots of patterns for very cute felt decorations available at iManuFatti. I love the Russian dolls and this robin, I think a little flock of these birds would be lovely on the tree.....

2.More felt goodness at LittleHibouShoppe, these softies would make great presents for littlies, I am thinking multicoloured sausage dogs would be very funny!  
There are lots patterns for other cute animals too.......

3. Something for the crocheters, the beautiful decorations at ATERGCrochet, so many lovely patterns in this shop!

4. Maybe you would like to hook up a Stanley Rabbit and his very colourful ballon for a favourite little person, and also read all about his adventures in Kate's gorgeous storybook available at greedyforcolour. There are patterns to make lots of little bits and pieces from the story as well as Stanley. So cute!

5 Aren't these gingerbread men cute! patterns for these and many more sweet little creations are found at  NellagoldsCrocheting, there are patterns for characters from Frozen and Peppa Pig too if you have any fans in your house! :)

6.Something for the sewers now, the patterns for this lovely kitty and reindeer bust can be found at BustleandSew along with lots of other interesting pieces like a patchwork cottage draught stopper...

7. And last but certainly not least, I really like Heather's new Rosie Mitts wrist warmers pattern, aren't they lovely with the flower embroidery, a nice addition to a present I think! You can find the pattern at her shop PinkMilkCrochet.

So that's it for now,  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I am hoping to try out some new things in crochet, alway something fun! 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A couple of things.....

# Today I was prompted by a lovely lady to stop procrastinating and set a date for a crochet workshop, so it has been done!   There was no putting it off any longer, on Saturday in a couple of weeks I will be hosting a little workshop making a harlequin tapestry crochet washcloth.  
It should be fun I hope! 
So if anyone would like to spend a couple of hours learning this technique with me and a few other crafty peeps, please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook for more info.  
The cost is $20.00 and I will be making a yummy afternoon tea too!  
I am located on the Westernport side of the Mornington Peninsula, so if there are any Peninsula peeps out there, it is nice and close for you! 


# Have you heard about the project that Kate Berry and Rowan Anderson are trying to get off the ground?  It is called The Nursery Project and is about getting people involved in where there food comes from, think veggie gardens, fruit trees, small scale farming, keeping animals, cooking and lessons, workshops and demonstrations.  Setting up a farm where all this can happen.  The plan is to encourage people to own their own food sources and get their hands dirty.  Sounds like a natural extension to the kitchen garden revival of recent years.  I hope it is successful, there is so much satisfaction in growing/rearing/processing/cooking your own food.  You can read about their ideas over here.  Good luck you guys! 


# There is still a few weeks to go in the Softies For Mirabel campaign, if you would like to make a softie for a child this Christmas you can read all about it over here.  I am going to get my skates on and make something cute for a little someone who might get a smile out of hugging something soft.


So that was a few community announcements for you today, I think they are worthy causes (well, my workshop is just a bit of fun really!) and it is nice to share good things that are going on out there, we certainly hear such a lot of bad news these days!  

Have you heard of any good things going on in your neighbourhood recently?

Talk soon

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

At Emu Plains Market

Hello.  How is your week going so far?  Good I hope!
Before we get too far into the week, I thought I would share a few pics of my
 stall on the weekend at Emu Plains Market.  What a beautiful market!
My mum and I had a lovely day and met quite a lot of people who read this blog, ( something that I am still surprised about!) so thank you so much for stopping by, all your kind words, and for supporting my stall, it is really great to meet like minded crafty peeps who enjoy crochet and woolly things as much as I do!  
For those of you too far away to visit on the day, you can get an  idea of what my stall was like and have a little 'virtual' visit here! :) 

It was a successful market for me, I gave out lots of business cards for my wool shop and sold a bit of everything which was great.  Everyone was so nice and very supportive, crafty people are the best!! Thank you so much!!

......this is my excellent helper (my mum! :) ), it's always nice to have a bit of company at a market, and mum know lots of people around here so had a fun day chatting to friends too....

So this week with no big market deadline looming, I have to try and reclaim some order in my studio. It looks like a tornado has been through, I have wool everywhere and it is very disorganised.  I think I might spend some time tomorrow cleaning it up and making everything pretty again! 

Have a lovely creative day :)

Talk soon! 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

5 Friday Finds #23 (on a Sunday!)

This post contains affiliate links 

Hello there, how is your weekend going?  
It is a lazy Sunday here after a very busy week, I had my market stall yesterday and it was great day! I will show you a few pics tomorrow, but today I am catching up with my Etsy finds, a few days late I know, but sometimes real life just sucks up all the hours of your day and you just have to go with it! 

So anyway, here are my finds this week, I would be very happy to find any of these lovely things in my stocking this Christmas! 


1.I have just come across the beautiful work at theresahutnick, Theresa's gorgeous textile art dolls are so detailed and full of whimsy, I love her beautiful hanging dolls and fairies, they would look fabulous on a tree, or dangling anywhere really!

2. leschiwelt make these stunning wooden relief blocks and other lovely artworks, I love the simple designs and the folky feel of these, I think I can feel another collection starting around here :)!!

3.TheClayBungalow make these gorgeous handmade ceramics, I am loving the colours in these wonderful pieces, there are lots of lovely mugs as well.

4. I am thinking that these cute buttons or magnets from PetitReve would make excellent stocking fillers for the little peeps in your lives.  There is also a large range of beautiful artworks by Sarah and Colin Walsh available as prints, lovely stuff!

5. I am a big fan of  LilyMoon, her beautiful illustrations are so charming, and she has a big range of postcards available at the moment, plus some very cute gift tags and stickers, I think I will be getting some of these to add to my postcard collection, too pretty to pass up! :)


I have bookmarked so many beautiful things lately, it is hard to choose what to share here! I am really enjoying my little window shopping sessions on Etsy, there is always something new and interesting to discover! Although time seems to go by at a different rate once I start looking through shops, an hour can pass in what feels like ten minutes!!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday, this coming week will be more leisurely for me, very welcome, I am hoping to get some updating done on my shop and may even get my first newsletter out!! 

Talk soon :) 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Makings this week.....

Hello! How are you going today?
 I'm just popping by here to share a few crochet makes from this week, I have been so busy finishing things off for the market on Saturday, i have had no time for blogging or anything else really!  

....I've made some more little booties, this time in sizes that will actually fit on little feet (the last lot I made were very cute but far too tiny!).........

....and I have made 5 more heart washers, tonight I have to edge them all, so I am going to have a little Deadwood marathon ( I am really enjoying this series, Bullock is very cool! ).....

........and I have finished off my little decorations with a picot edge. I crocheted two flower circles together so they are the same both sides and can twirl around without looking terrible on one side.....

So now I am off to my edging, I might try and take a little photographic tour of the market this time and show you some of the lovely stalls, there are plenty of them! 

Talk soon......