Sunday, March 29, 2015

Progress on the wool studio!

Hello!  How has your weekend been?  

We have had a lovely start to the school holidays, perfect weather today, and a nice week forecast ahead, I have lots of gardening planned and a lot of Little Woollie business to attend to while the boys relax and enjoy their break. 

I thought I would show you how my wool studio is progressing, I am hoping to get it finished this week and then paint over the Easter break, very exciting!! 

... so here is the dividing wall going up to give us a smaller storage area at the back for all our junk and the studio at the front, that's Ed, our friend who is a great carpenter, and doing this reno for us. :)

.... looking towards the front with the garage doors gone and the new glass doors and windows in, starting to look like a room!  

............And here are the cubby hole shelves being installed to become part of the wall.....

......framing is all done, ready for plastering......

.......plaster is in place ready for finishing....... is my wall of pigeon hole shelves with the plaster in place, you can get an idea of what this will look like when its finished now, there is not too much more to do!  
It is very exciting, almost time to start thinking about colours to paints this space!  

Next up Ed is going to finish the plastering and lay the floor, hopefully finished this week, before Easter.  I am going to paint it myself with the help of my dad, and then I can do the fun stuff like filling those shelves and decorating this crafty space!  I have been a bit impatient and already placed a new order for Cascade 220 Superwash in a heap of colours, 
I am sure I will fill up this extra space fairly quickly! 

Next time I show you it will be all finished and I can do a big tadah! 

It has been all about wooly things around here recently, I have got a few finishing touches to put on my first newsletter before I send it out on Wednesday, if you are interested in receiving a newsletter from my little wool shop, feel free to sign up, I will be having special offers and other interesting things, should be quite exciting as my little shop continues to grow bit by bit.

So that's about all I have today,  have you got anything interesting happening this week? 
Are you you going away for Easter, or having a few days at home? 

Talk soon! 


Friday, March 27, 2015

5 Friday Finds # 35

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It's time for another 5 Friday Etsy Finds, I can't believe it's the end of the week 
already and nearly the end of the month!!  
This year is going as quickly as the last one.

Well, anyway, here are some great things that caught my eye this week.

1. I love this flowery crochet blanket pattern available from The Hat and I , there are lots of other patterns in this shop that look interesting too! 

2. These beautiful vases are from  imkadesign, I love the pastel colours and the spotty pattern, just lovely, some gorgoeus bowls and cups in this shop as well. :)

3.If you like a bit of Scandi style like I do, gunnaydri is a great shop to check out, full of Scandi inspired toys and cushions like these cute mermaids, and foxes.

4.  I really love these metal recycled drawers from RehabvintageLA, they would look so awesome in my new studio, if only I lived in the US and my budget stretched that far!! :)  Lots of covetable things in this shop :)

5.I love the idea of these wall clouds and super cute tree cushions, from Claireoncloud9 , wouldn't they look fabulous in a nursery or childs room!  Or maybe even on my bed! :) 

Okay, that's all I have for you today, I hope you all have a fab weekend, I'm running a little tapestry crochet workshop tomorrow for a couple of lovely ladies, so I'm looking forward to a very pleasant afternoon of hooky time. 

Talk soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some things this week

1. Mum and I had another lovely day at Emu Plains Market last weekend, I had lots of dangling things in my stall this time,  I thought it looked pretty all flapping in the breeze. 

2. I made some crochet flower trim, I think I will try this in a finer thread next time as this one has turned out fairly chunky, I wonder if it will fall apart if I cut it into smaller lengths.

3. Pom-poms were being made the other night to decorate a creative swap I am taking part in over on Instagram.  I love how this variegated wool made them look all speckled, a little bit like fireworks.  I think I will make some big ones of these to decorate my shop :) 

4.....And here are my swap presents all wrapped and ready to send, I have felt a little bit of pressure to make my parcels look pretty as there is a very high standard of wrapping going on in this swap!! I don't want to be the one who disappoints her recipient!  


My new wool studio is coming along nicely, the plaster walls are going up tomorrow I think, so I will do a post on the weekend and show you all the progress, it is exciting!  I have just placed an order for some new yarns for the shop in anticipation of all the extra space, I have over 50 colours of Cascade 220 Superwash coming next week and some lovely painted cottons too,  looking forward to setting everything up!  Next on the wishlist are some Noro yarns and some new Debbie Bliss too, hope the bank balance stretches that far! :) 
And I have finally conquered my newsletter fear, I wasn't happy with my first go at making my newsletter, so ditched it and redid the tutorials and had another go, and I think this one is a lot better, so will be sending it out soon!  :) 

What have you been up to this week? 


Sunday, March 22, 2015

5 Friday Finds #34

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Hello there! 
 So how has your weekend been?
I'd like to thank you all for the lovely comments you left me about the Big Heart Blanket, I really appreciate all your kindness and encouragement, you guys rock! :) xxxx
 I have my Etsy Finds for this week!

1. I am loving the Sunday Shawl by Alia at TheLittleBeeNZ, I've seen it made in a heap of different colour schemes on Instagram and they all look fabulous!   Definitely on my to do list! :) 

2. How cute are these softies made by Sally Nencini and sold in her shop SallyNencini, they look so soft and cuddly!  Sally also makes beautiful lambswool blankets in gorgeous patterns, and lots of other lambswool toys too! Well worth a look. :) 

3. Michelle Galletta is the talented embroidery artist behind kirikipress, I love her animal doll kits, just the thing for an embroidery fan, aren't they lovely, and there are lots of other cute animals to choose from, I also liked the fiesta cat :) 

4. I am loving these raindrop dessert plates from CeramicaBotanica, the shop of ceramicist Susan Rodriguez, the colours and shape are just so lovely, there are lots of other beautiful pieces in this shop.  I really like the bold patterns and the use of lots of colour. :) 

5. Just in case you need something super cute for Easter, these egg cosies are available from imali a shop full of pretty things :)

So that's it for another week or so! 
Have you got much happening this week?

I will be working on my new wool room, it's now too far away from being finished! Yay! The plaster is going on this week and then I will be able to paint it and get the flooring done, Very exciting.  I think I'll do a post on how it's looking so you can see what I am talking about! 

Have a great day/night! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Big Heart Blanket - Tadah!

Hello!  How is your week going, good I hope!  

I have been to a funeral today, which always leaves me feeling rather flat and emotionally drained, so I am here to share some bright and colourful pictures as a little antidote to the sads. 

I hope you are all not too sick of seeing this blanket, it is finally all together and totally complete! Yay!   
I think this was one of my most enjoyable make of recent times, I love using this cotton and the colours just seemed to work together so nicely, it was a really fun crochet time. 
I am thinking of making another one in  cool pastels of mauves, lilacs, pinks and mints, I think that would be lovely too! 
And the sewing together went quite smoothly which was good, I was worried it would look messy, but I think it has gone together quite neatly! 

....a few people were wondering what the back looks like, so here is a picture of the front (above) and the back (below), as you can see there is not a lot of difference, just the seam is a little more noticeable on the back. :)  You've gotta love tapestry crochet for that, it makes a great reversible fabric! 

So that is a wrap for the Big Heart Blanket!  Thanks for all the nice comments you have left recently, I really do appreciate all the kind support I receive over here on the blog and also on Instagram, everyone is so super nice!!! :) 

One other thing, I have actually written up this pattern and finished loading it onto my Ravelry store, so I now have a grand total of 2 patterns for sale over there! lol.  
Here is the link to Ravelry if you are interested to have a go at one of these yourself! I don't think it is available to the UK at the moment, I have to have a look at how to do that with the new tax laws over there.

Talk soon! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

5 Friday Finds #33

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I'm running behind again with my Friday Finds, haven't quite got there till today and it's Sunday!  Possibly I should not have put Friday in the title of these posts, it seems I have trouble sticking to the weekly schedule! 

Anyway, better late than never I guess, so here they are! 

1. I am loving the modern vibe of these gorgeous crocheted ice-creams and watermelon cushions from Adele at  ThreeBeansinaPod, lovely for a cute addition to a bedroom or couch.  Adele also has a pattern for an amazing "mono spot' modern baby blanket in her shop. :) 

2. WindandWillowHome is a lovely shop full of wooden bowls and vessels like these great little succulent planters and neon painted salad bowls.  Araya is the creative talent behind this very hip shop! 

3.Nadia and Tania are the clever ladies at PhilominaKloss who makes these sweet teddies with loads of personality! :)  Lots of cuties to be found here! 

4.  I love the idea of the 'Instant Comfort Pocket Box' found at kimslittlemonsters, what a nice thing to give to someone needing a little cheering up ! 

5.  Emily Martin is the artist at theblackapple, her gorgeous prints and illustrations are available here, as well as these beautiful postcard sets.  I think I may have featured Emily's shop before, but I just love her work! :) 

6. And just because I love speckled yarn so much, I am adding a sixth find this week, Amanda Perkins at LambyToesShop has lots of lovely speckled yarns that would knit the most amazing socks!!  Look at the colours in these skeins! Swoon! 

Well that's it for today, I am going to try and get back here a bit more often this week, I feel like I am neglecting my little blog at the moment, life has become quite hectic and the weeks are flying by!
I do have things I'd like to blog about, it is just making the time to post it on here! 

Thanks so much for visiting, talk soon! 


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Colour and some other things.....

Hello there!
How was your weekend?

We had a long weekend here, so it kind of feels like a Monday to me today.  We had a fairly relaxed couple of days, I got quite a lot of crochet time which is always nice.  Our middle son had a bit of a party on Sunday night, just because he could, so we had a dozen or so 16 year olds at our place, needless to say it was a late night!

I have been making washers for my market in a couple weeks, you are probably sick of seeing pictures of these heart washers, but they are what I am making at the moment. :)   I decided that little heart flags made into bunting might be quite cute, so have been using up left over bits of cotton to make these little rectangle heart pieces.  I hope it looks cute once I have crocheted them onto a string and done an edge, in my head it does!


I saw something on Instagram that has really inspired me to want to get my knitting out again.  One of my favourite blogs is 'Do you mind if i knit' by the amazingly talented Vanessa Cabban, I was so sad to hear that she died tragically late last year, and there have been a few projects I have noticed pop up in her honour and remembering her.
One of these is the totally gorgeous Remembering Vanessa Cowl KAL by Christina Wall.  I am so inspired to give this a go!  Vanessa's beautiful fairisle knitting always caught my eye and I think this is a lovely way to pay respect to such a creative multi talented woman.   
Definitely putting this on my to do list.

Another beautiful colourful  project that I 'd like to try is this very cute baby cardigan by Vicarno, so rainbowy and sweet!  This is crocheted too, so should be a fairly quick make.  
Also on the to do list. :)

I am also thinking I should make a bunny for the Mirabel Easter toy appeal, I only have a few days left so have better get cracking!  Pip has lots of info  over at Meet me at Mikes if you have time to whip up some cute bunnyness for some deserving little person. 

Sorry for the bitsy post today, I kind of feel that is how my brain is working at the moment, hopping from one thing to another, I am a bit all over the place! :) 

Anyway, have a great day, talk soon!