Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Crafty Christmas Box

Hello there!  How is your week going?  
It seems like a very short one here as we had a holiday on Tuesday for the Melbourne Cup, mid-week holidays always seem to throw the rest of the week off kilter!  
Anyway I am trying to get some yarny related work done and knock a few things off my to do list, and this is one of them, my Crafty Christmas Box! 

I have really enjoyed putting together my Yarny Love Club boxes for my club members, so I thought it might be nice to offer a special box for all the crafty peeps out there who like to make things around Christmas time ( I know I always like making a few decorations and bits and pieces to add to gifts, that hand made touch is always lovely! ) 

I will be opening another round of the Yarny Love Club later in November for the Summer months ( I am sending out the November boxes in a couple of days to finish off the Spring subscription), but this is just a special seasonal one off box separate to the Yarny Love Club.

Anyway here are the details if anyone is interested!  :) 

Crafty Christmas Box

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought it might be time for a little Crafty Christmas cheer for those of you who are planning a few handmade touches as part of your Christmas celebrations this year.
I am putting together a festive Crafty Christmas box to help inspire you to get creating, whether it be for decorations, or cute additions to handmade gifts.  The box will contain at least 150g of yarn, plus lots of other goodies to help you on your crafty way.
I am giving 2 colour choices -
1. Traditional Christmas colourway (think reds, greens and cream) or
2. A Scandi inspired colourway ( think red, pale blue and cream).

Apart from the yarn, the boxes will contain a mix of crafty things like ribbons, buttons, beads, pompom makers, tinsel, cottons and anything else I come across and think would be useful or cute, as well as a list of my favourite Christmas patterns to inspire you!

The cost of each box is $50 which includes postage.
To sign up for this one-off Crafty Christmas box, please email me your colour choice and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

Sign ups are open for a week, and I will be sending out the boxes at the end of November so you have plenty of time to get in the Crafty Christmas spirit through December! 
Australia only sorry! (There won't be enough time to send overseas before Christmas!)


Thanks for reading you guys!  
I hope you have a great sunshiney day, even though it is great and wet here! 


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stills from my week....

1. Finished things that I made for the Emu Plains Market ( that seems like ages ago!).  Time to start making again for the next one. :) 

2.  It is rose season around here, and I cannot get enough of these showy girls.  The scent is just divine, and I love how full this variety is.  Happy days! 

3 +4 +5.  I have been very absent from these parts recently, (so much for my attempt to post every day of October, my poor neglected blog!) one of the reasons is all the new yarn that has been coming into the shop over the last few weeks, so many lovely distractions and lots of happy work packing it into shelves and sending out orders.  These are some of the new hand dyed organic cottons from Sourth Africa, so very lush.......but I will be giving them a post of their own shortly! :) 

6. I captured this beautiful sunrise on the weekend when we had a night away at Torquay staying at the RACV resort at the Golf Club.   The sky was very spectacular, it makes me wonder why I don't get up early every morning to see the sun rise. :) 

7 +8 +9 .  It is also poppy time in the garden at the moment, these beauties self seed all over the place and I always love to see the new combinations that appear each year.  Lats year there were lots of single flowered pink shades, this year there are lots more mauves and super frilly doubles.  So lovely! 
The bees adore them, the sound is amazing, all that humming and buzzing! 


Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with something that might be interesting to you, I am working hard on so many different things at the moment, it feels like I have too many balls in the air at once, and I still have to show you all the new yarns that are in stock!!  

So what have you been up to recently? 


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

little snippets and a winner!

1. Bunting, bunting everywhere!   I really should hang this happy pile of colour around my shop.

2. + 3.  I have been working with lovely pastel colours this week making a few extra washers for the market on Saturday, and also making another heart bunting with a slightly stronger colour palette, very enjoyable work! :)   I don't think I've posted anything on here about the new Vinnis Colour Nikkim cotton that has come into the shop recently, it is so beautiful with so many gorgeous soft shades (the pastel colours I have been using in the heart washers).  I must do a post about it soon. 
(That's the problem with using multiple social medias, I can never remember what I've posted where! I have been using Instagram quite a bit recently, and when I put something up there often I feel like it has been dealt with and forget to share on the blog!! Poor neglected blog! :)   )

4. + 5.  Frank came to visit me in the Studio yesterday and found it a very interesting place!  I don't let the cats in here very often, so they are full of curiosity when they are allowed in. :) 

6.  Spring is in full swing around here at the moment, the garden is so beautiful and wild and full of flowers and blossom, the poppies are one of my favs and are putting on a great show!  Lovely long stems too. 


And yes, we have a winner in my giveaway for the gorgeous crochet book 'Let's go camping' by Kate Bruning,  thanks you all so much for entering, I loved reading all your comments, I wish I had a book for you all!  
Anyway, the winner ( as chosen randomly by my son) is Rie!  Congratulations !  I'll be in touch for your postal address and get it out you ASAP. :) 


Have a lovely day/night everyone, I'm off to do some hooky before bed. :) 

Friday, October 9, 2015

5 Friday Finds #41

this post contains affiliate links

It's been a while since I've done  Friday Etsy Finds post, I just haven't had much time to browse Etsy looking for interesting stuff.  But I had a little look the other day and found some great things to share with you all. :) 
So here it goes: 


1. Gorgeous speckled yarn at bykateselene. Love! Love! Love!! :)

2.Super cute vintage caravan necklaces at Craftevan. More love !! 

3.Fox in a Cloud ceramic wall art from PearsonMaron. I need one of these on my wall, so adorable! :)

4.Hand embroidered customised name cushions from YelliKelli, so bright and cheery, very boho I think! :) 

5.Retro 70's patterns from Kinziewoolshop.  I told my husband I could crochet him a pouf for the lounge room, I'm thinking something like this would be good.  lots of retro goodness to be found at this shop. :) 


So that's it for this week, I think I'll try and get back to doing these posts more regularly, I forgot how fun it is searching for cute things on Etsy!  And with the festive season coming up it is nice to support   crafters and small businesses and give unique gifts all at he same time. It's a win win I think! :) 

Have a great day/night! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Let's Go Camping " by Kate Bruning, and a giveaway!

I have something lovely to share with you all today,  something I have been anticipating with delight ever since I first heard about this fabulous project.   
I'm sure you all know the amazing crochet whizz Kate Bruning from the blog Greedy for Colour, her wonderful crochet creations have been putting a smile on my face for ages.  
I always love to see what Kate is working on, it is sure to be something original, whimsical and inspiring.  
Well, Kate has just released her latest book "Let's Go Camping" full of truly fabulous patterns for mini world adventures.  
The publishers sent me a copy to look at and share with you, and I have to say it is my favourite crochet book already! 

There are patterns for mini teepees, ice cream trucks, lake houses, boats, long boats, mountains, trees, and of course Kate's famous retro caravan complete with all the gorgeous accessories that you would imagine would go with each set.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many cute things to make in this book , that I really don't know where I will start! 

I'm thinking I will make a lake mat and slowly fill it with little boats and flowery islands surrounded by a lush forest of trees and a camping ground around the edge with a caravan and colourful teepees.  

And that's just for starters!  :) 

The styling and photographs and are truly beautiful and showcase the magic and detail of the worlds Kate has created.  

............the lake house set, so cute!...... the mini bunting and stripy teepee! .....

......This river scene is just so darn cute!! And the roof comes off and there is a little bed and furniture inside, so clever!   I love all the little elements that Kate has included in each different set, so  detailed! 

Aren't the hydrangea pots fabulous! I am definitely making some of these, I think they would look gorgeous hanging from my Christmas tree too! 

I feel so glad that Kate has made this book and written all these wonderful patterns down in one place, her imagination is so fertile and I just love the scenes she creates.  I can't recommend this book highly enough, it is completely inspiring and appeals to me on so many levels, it is playful, whimsical, original, colourful and super cute!   Thank you so much for all your amazing hard work Kate, it has truly paid off with this adorable collection! 

So, after all that gushing, I am happy to say I am having a giveaway

One lucky person can win this copy of Kate's book all for themselves! Yay! 
Just leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner next Tuesday. :) 

 (It is so lovely that I am going to stock it in my shop, so I will be sure to grab a copy for my own library!)
You can read more about the making of this book on Kate's blog here. :) 

Do you like making cute crochet things too?  
Do you make them for children of for yourself like me? :) 

Ok that's all for tonight, I think I'm going to dream of magical little lake houses with islands of flowers and crocheted mountains and wooly Playmobil friends :)   


Monday, October 5, 2015

Make a Skinny Ripple!

Hello there! 

There was little bit of interest in the skinny ripple yesterday and a few people wanted the pattern so I thought I'd share how I am making this.
There are heaps of different ripple/ chevron patterns out there and a quick google search will find you a plethora of choices, I was after a rippled version of the skinny stripe blanket , a nice sharp zigzag, so decided to do mine in single crochet (dc in English terms). 
 To get a bit of texture, you work in the back loops of the stitches only. 

 So here's what you do! 

Skinny Ripple Pattern

I use US terms so  sc =dc in English/Australian terms

Chain a number of chains in multiples of 16 st (+ 2) (Make it wider than you want your blanket as there is quite a bit of sideways shrinkage once you start making the ripples!)

Row 1: 2sc in 2nd ch from hook *1sc in each of the next 7ch, miss next ch, 1sc in next 7sc, 3sc in next ch. rep from * ending with 2sc in last ch, turn. 

Row 2 : Ch1, (working in back loops only) 2sc in first sc, *1sc in each of the next 7sc, miss next sc, 1sc in each of next 7sc, 3sc in next sc, rep from* end with 2sc in last sc, turn.

Keep repeating row 2.  

I changed colour every 2 rows, so each colour stripe is 2 rows of the pattern. 
Do as many rows as you like to make the blanket the size you want.


So there you go, a nice easy pattern ! 

There are lots of different variations on this basic ripple pattern, so feel free to have a play around with it, lots of different effects can be achieved by small changes such as using double crochet  (trebles in English terms) instead of single crochet.

My colour placements have been random, but you could do a 7 or 8 colour repeat pattern if you don't like random stripes. :) 

Have a lovely day! 


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Skinny Ripple Progress

Hello there! 
I've had a bit of time today to do a few rows on my Skinny Ripple Blanket, it is growing slowly as I have a lot of other things that seem higher priority.   I do love all these colours though, I tend to come back to variations on this combination in so many things I make!  

This is a very easy pattern and I just love how the chevrons are so pointy.  After the initial chain row which is a bit tedious, it is smooth sailing.  My only regret is that I should have made it wider, I didn't realise how much the chevrons would pull the sides in and shrink the blanket width!  So it is a small cot blanket now! :)  

So, do you have a busy week ahead?  
My boys are back to school tomorrow after the holidays, so I'm thinking my days will get a little bit of structure back.  It is time for the second instalment of my Yarny Love Club so I will be working on sending those out later in the week.    Exciting! 

Talk soon!