Sunday, October 4, 2015

Skinny Ripple Progress

Hello there! 
I've had a bit of time today to do a few rows on my Skinny Ripple Blanket, it is growing slowly as I have a lot of other things that seem higher priority.   I do love all these colours though, I tend to come back to variations on this combination in so many things I make!  

This is a very easy pattern and I just love how the chevrons are so pointy.  After the initial chain row which is a bit tedious, it is smooth sailing.  My only regret is that I should have made it wider, I didn't realise how much the chevrons would pull the sides in and shrink the blanket width!  So it is a small cot blanket now! :)  

So, do you have a busy week ahead?  
My boys are back to school tomorrow after the holidays, so I'm thinking my days will get a little bit of structure back.  It is time for the second instalment of my Yarny Love Club so I will be working on sending those out later in the week.    Exciting! 

Talk soon! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Finders Keepers Market Melbourne 2015

Last night on a whim Gary and I went to the Finders Keepers Market at the old Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne.  We got into the city early and had a couple of drinks at a pub across the road and did some people watching, which is always interesting. 
We were there for the opening of the doors, along with a huge lot of other people, I tried to take a few photos before it got too busy ( about 10 minutes later!!).  I love these type of markets, I am always blown away with the amount of creative people having a go at making stuff a career, very cool! 
It was a very high quality market and there were heaps of stalls, lots of little ones and some larger ones that were a bit more spread out.  The stalls looked fantastic, so much effort was put into their set ups, it was very impressive as a whole experience.  I didn't get to really see everything, there was just too much to take in and too many people.   But what I did see was lovely! 

....cute coffee caravan.....

.....I loved the artwork at Nowhere Creek......

....and look, lots of crochet goodness at Habitue Design! :) 

... the exhibition buildings are very spectacular, last time I was here was for the Chocolate Ball of 1991 I think,  quite different circumstances! :) filled up really quickly and there were people everywhere, I saw so many cute things that I could have bought, but Gary was with me and he is trying to be more of a minimalist at the moment, so I felt a bit guilty bringing more 'things' into the house! 

I did manage to buy these cute his and her pillow cases ( and a tea towel) from Nowhere Creek, very practical of me!  
I love them! :) 

It is Grand Final day here for the AFL, it was quite one sided in the first half, Hawthorn have been too good for the Eagles so far, but I hope they make a come back! 
We are off to a 40th tonight, should be a fun night if I can get rid of this Spring cold that has made my head feel like a balloon!  I'm sure a few champagnes will take care of that!  :) 

Have a great weekend! 


Friday, October 2, 2015

Hobart Botanical Gardens - Kitchen Garden

I hope you've had a lovely day, it's been beautiful here, I have been working in the garden trying to tidy things up and getting beds ready for summer veggies.  Very satisfying work, tomorrow I am going start the weeding, which is a massive job!   
When we were in Tasmania we visited the Hobart Botanical Gardens and I found their kitchen garden  very inspiring.   I am all enthused about growing food again.    These photos are from the Botanical gardens, as currently my own garden is a big old mess! 
I do have plans though! :) 

....I love these crimson flowering broadbeans ........

Do you grow your own food?  
Do you find it hard to be consistent in the garden, It is difficult to stay on top of the weeds in my garden, I always set up more than I can realistically manage, then have to work like crazy to try and maintain it.  
Especially now that my life is so full of yarny stuff!  

Speaking of which, I'm off to crochet a shoe. :) 
Have a great night, talk soon!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tasmania trip 2015

 Hello there, How are things going with you? 
It''s been a while since I last chatted with you here, September just kind of disappeared !
Life has been busy, busy, busy, but we managed to fit in a fair amount of relaxing on our little holiday to Tasmania last week.  We caught the ferry over with our car so we could do lots of sight seeing. 
The ferry was lovely, it has recently had a refurbishment, so was very comfortable, although I felt very uneasy for the whole trip, there was a surprising amount of swaying for such a big ship. I  really only feel comfortable on land, the sea and sky do freak me out a bit! 

Anyway, once we got to Tassie we drove to a little Northern town called Boat Harbour Beach where we rented a house for a few days, it is a really beautiful part of the world, the house opened up to the beach, so the beach was actually our backyard, totally awesome!  It is quite a private little place, with cute little beach houses along the foreshore, everyone would have the same amazing views as we did.
It was very idyllic and I did go a bit overboard with the pictures! 

.......I also found time for crochet of course! :) ......

........early morning quick dip in the very cold sea for Max.........

.......on our balcony looking to the left........

.......looking straight ahead ( lovely!)........

........and to the right of our house..........

 low tide

....our house was the third one from the end at the far end of the beach...

Look at the colour of that water, very tropical looking, so clean and inviting, I'd love to come back when Summer has warmed things up! 

......colourful beach storage at the Surf Club.

We did a lot of driving around and saw many beautiful places.  Tasmania really does beautiful landscapes well, and there is scenery and awesome views all over the place.   This is Stanley, a town in Northern Tasmania that was super cute, with lots of original historic buildings, all very well maintained. the colours of these weatherboards, so cute!

We climbed the Stanley Nut. a really big rock that over shadows the town, fabulous views of the town from up top, I loved the wharf areas and the patterns of the piers....

We drove down to Hobart after our 4 days up north, and we popped into the Coal River Farm and I got to meet Mel (of Coal Valley Views blog fame) and her husband in the flesh, they have an amazing new set up and a beautiful restaurant/cafe space as well as delicious chocolates that I did have to bring home with me!  Everywhere around Hobart has amazing views, there seems to be rivers and inlets all over the place, so all the nearby hills look down on very pretty landscapes.

We visited the Russell Falls, another lovely spot, huge trees and rainforest, very picturesque.

.....We went to Cradle Mountain and walked around Dove Lake, it was raining the whole way so we all got soaked, and the tracks turned into little creeks, but once again, the landscape was pretty special!  And there was still snow on the peaks in the background, I think it was about 5 degrees that day! 

Andre wanted to find some surf, so we found the surf beach on the west cost at Strahan, very wild and isolated!  A bit too dangerous to take the board out! 

We spent a morning at the MONA gallery, what an amazing space, I used to spend a lot of time looking at galleries and interesting art when I was a student, so I really enjoyed seeing everything in this fabulous building.  The boys found it a bit harder to see the 'art' in some of the work, but it was a great conversation provoker, and got us all talking about the nature of art and what make something a work of art.  A fun day I thought!  

The other great  thing about Tasmania was all the fabulous food!!   We went to a couple of Farmers Markets and I noticed a strong local food culture, we brought home lots of delicious ginger beers,ciders, chocolates, cheese, ice cream ( I ate that on the day!) and fudge.  I visited a free range pig farm that made all there own bacons and bought some fabulous meat,( it was super delicious!)   and had a nice chat with the owner about what they were doing and their very lush kitchen garden.  I am all enthused now for my own garden, and am going to give me kitchen garden a big make over! 

We went to so many other places too, it was quite a whirl wind tour!  
But I think that's enough for today, this post is already too long!   
Sorry for all the holiday photos, well done if you've made it to the end!  


I am tentatively going to say that I am doing a personal 'Blogtober' this year, so one post a day for the whole of October, it's a big commitment, but I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back and this might help! 

Talk soon! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

At my place....

1. I've been tidying up my studio/shop to make room for some exciting new yarns that are on their way, it was very nice to get it all organised and looking fabulous! (Doesn't look like that anymore, I seem to be incapable of keeping a tidy space for longer that a day!!)

2. A colourful little corner. :) 

3. I've been doing a bit of decorating too, I'm loving these big paper balls hanging in my window!  It feels like Summer is not that far away!! 

4. These little flowers have been fun to make and add to my Yarny Love Club boxes, the first instalment was sent off without a hitch.  Now to start working on the second instalment!  I was blown away with the great response to my little club, thank you so much to everyone who signed up, your support is much appreciated! :)

5 + 6. It's poppy season!! Definitely in my top 5 favourite flowers, they are blooming now and I can't get enough of them! 


I feel like I haven't been around my little blog for ages, I am going to try and remedy that, even if the posts are short and sweet. 
I'll be back tomorrow with a look at some fabulous new cotton that has come int the shop, it is totally drool worthy!  

So what have you been up to recently? 


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A market and a ripple

1 + 2 This is my stall at the Somers Winter Market which was on last weekend.  It was such a lovely day, lots of people through who were really into yarny things, so I had plenty of lovely crafty peeps to talk to.  People are so encouraging and kind in their comments and support, I am really looking forward to the new season at Emu Plains Market, it starts in October so still some time to hook up some stock. :) 

3 + 4 This is a new blanket I started the other day, even though I have heaps of things to do at the moment it is always nice to start a new project!  It is a ribbed chevron pattern that I am calling 'Skinny Ripples', just standard rows of dc in a chevron pattern worked in the back loops for a nice texture effect.  I was going to use some different colours, but in the end I went with some old favourites.  It is hard to work against your personal colour sense don't you find?   I  think it is going to work out lovely, although it is smaller than I had anticipated with the chevrons making my chain row not seem so long!!  You live and learn I guess! :) 


Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for my Yarny Love Club so far, you guys rock! 
I am having fun making some cute things to add to the yarny goodness, I hope everyone likes them!  Still a few days to go till sign ups close, but I am so grateful for all the interest shown in this little club. :) 

Have great week everyone!