Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A market and a ripple

1 + 2 This is my stall at the Somers Winter Market which was on last weekend.  It was such a lovely day, lots of people through who were really into yarny things, so I had plenty of lovely crafty peeps to talk to.  People are so encouraging and kind in their comments and support, I am really looking forward to the new season at Emu Plains Market, it starts in October so still some time to hook up some stock. :) 

3 + 4 This is a new blanket I started the other day, even though I have heaps of things to do at the moment it is always nice to start a new project!  It is a ribbed chevron pattern that I am calling 'Skinny Ripples', just standard rows of dc in a chevron pattern worked in the back loops for a nice texture effect.  I was going to use some different colours, but in the end I went with some old favourites.  It is hard to work against your personal colour sense don't you find?   I  think it is going to work out lovely, although it is smaller than I had anticipated with the chevrons making my chain row not seem so long!!  You live and learn I guess! :) 


Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for my Yarny Love Club so far, you guys rock! 
I am having fun making some cute things to add to the yarny goodness, I hope everyone likes them!  Still a few days to go till sign ups close, but I am so grateful for all the interest shown in this little club. :) 

Have great week everyone! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yarny Love Club :)

Hello! How is your day going?  
It's beautiful here, the Winter sun is shining and it feels like Spring is not that far away!

I am feeling very happy today, I have finally got something organised that I have been wanting to do for a long time, but have been procrastinating about.  
So, what is it ?  I have started a Subscription Yarn Club and sign ups are now open!! 
I have so many gorgeous yarns in my shop, 
I can't wait to share some of them with my special club members. :) 

So here is some more info!


I am excited to announce I am starting a special club for all the yarn lovers out there, the
Little Woollie Makes Yarny Love Club!

By joining my Yarny Love Club you are signing up to receive 1 
parcel per month for 3 months,(September, October, November) so 3 parcels in total.  Each parcel will contain at least 100g of beautiful, premium quality yarn, project/pattern suggestions for crochet and knitting, and crafty treats specially for my club members.(Such as ribbons, labels, buttons, stitch markers, washi tape, stickers, handmade embellishments, or anything else I think might be a cute addition!)
  Your parcel will be a surprise each month, and hopefully will be a great way to try some beautiful yarns!

The cost for
 the 1st Yarny Love Club is $110.00, which is for September, October and November, and includes postage. :) 

I will be sending out the yarn club parcels in the first week of each month, you can sign up by  emailing me and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the subscription, or you can pay through direct deposit.  Your membership is not  secured until payment has been made. There are limited places for this Yarn Club, sign ups close 
29th August
(or earlier if full),
so get in quick!

(This club is only open to Australian residents)

PS.I want you to love your yarny parcels, so when you email, tell me your colour preferences if colour is important to you! :)

Have a lovely crafty day! 


So that is what I've been working on recently, (plus I have started a new blanket, but I'll show you that another day!), what have you been up to? 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly stills and a winner!

1 + 2  Last week I made some more Galilee Booties, getting ready for the start of the market season coming up soon! These are really fun to make and strangely satisfying as a completed project. 

3 + 4 A couple of snaps from my stall at the Seaford Handmade Market on the weekend, a very cruisey market and a lovely day out. :)

5  I am thinking about making a blanket with this gorgeous fluffy mohair.    I am going to do a chevron striped blanket with different width stripes of colour, I think it will look good, and it will be lovely and soft! 

6  This is how I found the cats when I got home from the market yesterday, they know how to make themselves comfortable, I'm glad I can provide them with a crocheted bit of cosy for a sleep!!! 

How was your week? 


And I have a winner in the 'Flowers Abound' ebook giveaway!  
Thanks you so much to every one who entered the giveaway, I am not the only one who likes a flowery granny square it seems :) 
So, without further ado, Congratulations Angela, your comment was the lucky winning number 7! 
If you could email me your email address that would be great. I will get a copy of the ebook sent to you ASAP  :) 
Thanks to Shelley for the great giveaway, 'Flowers Abound' can be found over here if you missed out in the giveaway.

That's it for the moment, I hope you have a great week, talk soon! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Flowers abound and a giveaway!

Hello there!

It's been a busy week around my place, there's lots of interesting yarny things on the boil at the moment, I'm looking forward to sharing all my crafty news over the next few weeks.  There is nothing really massive, but lots of little things that all together are quite satisfying and make me feel very happy.  I hope you have good things going on in you lives too! 

Today I thought I'd show you something that is very exciting for a hooky friend of mine.  
Do you know the amazing Shelley Husband?  
She has a fabulous crochet blog called  Spincushion, a very active, fabulous Instagram profile, and she is also a very prolific and clever crochet designer!!  
She has just finished producing a new ebook of crochet patterns, called 'Flowers Abound', there are 20 beautiful granny square patterns all with a floral theme. I was lucky enough to get a preview copy of these patterns to have play with. Yay! :) 

The squares are all the same size so there is lots of scope for mixing and matching these patterns for blankets, cushions, bags, or a million other things. :) 
The patterns are very clearly explained, Shelley is an excellent pattern writer, and explains unusual stitches and techniques so I had no problem following this new to me pattern.  And the stitch dictionary and tips and tricks are very interesting, I am going use a few of Shelley's techniques from now on to give my work an extra professional finish, she is great at hiding joins! 

I did get a bit carried away; I was just going to make one square as a sample to show you this gorgeous pattern called 'Hana', but then I just got caught up in the colour play possibilities and ended up making nine squares! :)   

There are lots of great squares to choose from in Shelley ebook, it was hard to decide which one to try.  I think I will be making quite a few of these patterns when I have some more time.  I do love the puffiness of the flowery centre in the Hana pattern, and it is a lovely solid square; so much flowery goodness!! :) 

 .........I loved making these puffy flowery centres, so many colour combinations to try......

.....I love the flower centres just by themselves too, I think I might make some of these and sew them together for my Christmas tree :) ..............  or how about a garland :) .............

 So anyway, as you can tell I had fun making these squares and then I had more fun photographing them (sorry for the picture overload, could't help myself!).  I am planning to make a few more of the Hana flowers and turn them into a pillow case for our bed, I think it will look awesome!

The best bit is that you can have fun with these patterns too!  

Shelley has generously offered a copy to my readers as a giveaway, so if you'd like the chance to win a copy of  the ebook 'Flowers Abound'  just leave me a comment on this post and I'll choose a winner next Friday.  It will be available for all the normal ebook readers, and will be available from Smashwords as a pdf if you don't have an e-reader/kindle thingy.  
Have a look over here at Shelley's blog if you'd like to pre order your own copy, it will be released on August 29th! 

Good luck you guys! :) 

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Winter wooly day.....

How is your week going? 
Mine is good, lots of fun wooly things happening, I'm busy but in a good energising way, lots of new, interesting ideas swirling around, and some exciting plans coming together.  
It has been good planning weather, sooooo cold and dreary, perfect for rugging up and getting some serious hooky time in front of the fire and heater.  I'm trying a couple of winter markets this year, so I'm making things to stock my stall. I'll have to show you soon what I've made so far! 

Wool seems to be all around me these days, my little shop is slowly growing, it is so much fun deciding what new yarns to get in and what other crafty goodies to stock, my customer numbers are growing slowly but surely, (thank you so much!!) and I am able to spend a lot more time doing 'shopkeeping' and crochet type work these days, it feels like a 'real' job! :) 

Anyway, I had a little wander around my studio this afternoon, 
and noticed lots of colourful woolly goodness, 
so thought it might be nice to have a little colour hit on a Winter's day. :) 

.......piles of pastels for hats .......

....and  I have been pompoming like a mad thing!  
What's your opinion, pompoms on beanies or no pompom?  
I like a pompom, but not everyone does..... brights in the shop, tomorrow I've got to upload them onto the online shop, lovely Sportwool from Filatura di Crosa......

... a colourful corner with washers waiting for edgings and blankets layered up......

That's about all I have now, just a little snippet of my wooly day, I hope you have a great day too!

Talk soon! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

5 Friday Finds #40

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Hello! How has your week been? 

It has been a busy one around here, I am always so surprised how quickly Friday rolls around! 
I am feeling quite organised that I have managed to get a Friday Finds post up on a Friday!  That hasn't happened for a while. :) 
I'm hoping next week that I'll have lots of newsy posts to get up here, lots of new things in the shop and I have been making lots of things for the up coming market season that I'd like to share with you all. 

Anyway, today my 5 Friday Finds from Etsy are here ! 

1. Michelle Robinson from PoppyandBliss has done it again with this gorgeous geometric pattern made using tunisian crochet.  I'm loving the colours, and I have been wanting to give tunisian crochet a try, so here is the perfect project fro me! :) 


2. EEchingHandmade is the shop of a very talented doll maker named Kho Tain Ching, I just love these amazing characters! Have a look in her sold section to see how clever she is and for lots of gorgeous dolls that have found new forever homes.  She must have trouble keeping her shop stocked as I think new dolls would be snapped up pretty quickly! :) 

3. I love the range of laser cut buttons for sale at katrinkles, Katy Westcott's shop is full of very cute buttons like these leaves, that can have simple embroidery added for a lovely touch. :) 

4. These rainbow spotted bowls from  Baskakova caught my eye, I do have a soft spot for colourful ceramics! Anna Baskakova is the talented ceramicist from London who makes these lovelies! :) 

5. Speaking of colour, I love the slightly retro feel to the colours in this print found at hillarybird , the shop of illustrator Hillary Bird.  There are lots of other gorgeous prints to check out in this beautiful shop! :) 

That's it for today! 
I hope you have a lovely weekend and do something that makes you happy. :) 
Talk soon! 


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wool Show 2015


On the weekend we had a great day out at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo, it was a bit like yarny heaven, so many gorgeous yarns and fibres on display and for sale, and lots of fabulous sheep too! 
The boys dropped me off for a couple of hours of wool immersion, while they had a wander around Bendigo, everyone was happy! 
I bought some lovely wool, a couple of skeins of Madeleine Tosh Vintage in the best colour called 'Molly Ringwood', some hand dyed skeins by Little Plum Yarn (the candy pink and the purple/pink speckled skeins in the photo above), and some of the last remaining wool from Pear Tree Yarns.
I have a few plans for some of this, and am open to ideas for the rest! 

.....So. Much. Wool! .........

.....lots of lovely things for spinners too, don't these plaits of dyed fleece ready for spinning look so inviting, almost enough for me to try a new craft! I really don't need anymore hobbies though! 

.....isn't that super chunky, bobbly, pile of hand spun wool in the middle of this photo awesome! 

....this is a beautiful stall of natural indigo dyed yarns, very nice indeed! .....

 It was very busy when I was there on Saturday, I think the yarny crafts are definitely having a bit of a revival.  I felt there was a better, bigger and more varied selection of stall this year compared to last year.  People seemed very enthusiastic and were enjoying all the wooly sights. 

I had a very nice chat to the machine knitters too, and finally got the time on Sunday to sit down with my knitting machine and learn to use it!  I learnt how to thread the machine, cast on, and do basic stocking stitch.  So pleased to get this going, and to see that my machine works fine, I am going have another go soon and see if I can make a piece from the punchcard patterns.  The ladies of the Machine Knitters Club made it look easy, so we will see! 

Have a great day!