Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Around here......

1. This is what I was working on today, a heart washer and mini flowers for wool shop orders.  I'm trying to build up my stash of washers to get a head start on market stock for the up coming market season.  This year is going so quickly, it will be market time of year again before I know it!! 

2. The wooly blankets are getting a work out on these very chilly days we have been having, it's nice to see them being used and keeping my boys cosy on the couch. :) 

3. I bought my first bunches of daffs this week!  So good to know that Spring is not too far away, there are lots of signs of life in my garden at the moment, bulbs are springing up all over the place and I am hopeful of a big colourful garden in a few months time.  I've planted heaps of baby poppies that I hope will survive the rest of winter and then go mad flowering in Spring! 

4. My niece had a birthday! Such a great happy smile!  :) 

5. After many reminders, I made Max a beanie for the cold weather.  He likes it even though it is a little on the large side!  I found a nice simple pattern for a standard beanie, knitted on 2 needles and then sewn up the back, it was good to get my knitting mojo back, crochet has definitely become my first love!  I am not a really confident knitter, so this pattern was great ! 

6. I am still working on my Sunburst granny blanket, it is nearly finished, just the edge to go.  I have kind of lost interest in it a bit if I am honest, it feels like I have mentally finished with it a little bit before I have actually done the work to finish it off!   This is the week to get it all completed! 

How have things been in your world? 


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2 blankets

Hello! How has your week been?

 I have been busy with lots of making recently, so please forgive my very sporadic posting over here, I feel bad that my blog is being neglected, but am hopeful I will have more to share and more time to do so soon!  
Anyway, today I thought I'd show you a couple of blankets I have been working on, one finished and one still in pieces.  I really love making blankets, crochet is such a good blanket making craft!

Firstly I have made another neon stripe blanket for a lovely customer, it is always fun to make these single crochet stripe blankets, even if there are a million ends to weave in. 
I think it has turned out well, and I hope the new owners will like it! 

The second blanket I am making is just for fun, the sunburst granny squares blanket using up lots of odds and ends in my stash basket.  I am having a lot of fun with these squares!

....lots of loud colour combos......

......getting things all squared up with a calm grey, I have finished squaring all the circles up now, so just have to weave in the grey ends and sew it together.  Should have it finished this week. Yay!
I'm hoping to make a few of these for the shop, to showcase some of the colourful wool I sell.

I am thinking about making extra squares for a few cushion covers, and I would love a couple of sunburst pillow cases for my bed too!  So many ideas, so little time! 

I had better get back to the making of stuff, and hopefully I will have a newsletter out today with all the latest things from Little Woollie Makes. ( But don't hold me to it! :) )

Monday, June 1, 2015

weekend road trip...

beautiful cards at Playing in The Attic

Hello there!  I hope you all had lovely weekends and got to do something fun.  
I had a little weekend away with Gary, well it was really only 24 hours away from home, but sometimes that's all you need to feel like you've had break.  My husband is partial to the road trip and enjoys driving, which is fine by me, I enjoy watching the scenery change and doing a bit of car crochet, so we are a perfect match really! :)  
We went down the South Gippsland coast and stopped in the town of Meeniyan for lunch. I also got to visit Playing in the Attic, the lovely shop owned by Trudy.  I have been following Trudy's blog and Instagram accounts for a while now, so it was lovely to meet her in person and indulge in a bit of retail therapy in her gorgeous shop!  So many beautiful things, stationery, magazines, washi tapes, art supplies and so many other cute things, it is a really lovely space!  I ended up bringing quite a few things home with me!  
Actually, there were several beautiful shops in Meeniyan that I couldn't resist, I added to my cute crockery collection with some very special floral cups from another shop ( I can't remember what it was called now :(  ) 
Here's a  few photos of Trudy's shop. 

.......I got a fair bit of this blanket made as well, so bonus there! 

.......we stayed the night in Inverloch on the South Gippsland coast, this was the view from our room's verandah, it was a chilly day and sea was quite wild, I love how the wind has made the gums grow twisted and spindly, a typically coastal landscape.....

.....I went for a nice dusk walk, it was getting very cold by then, so I didn't venture too far, but the sky was quite beautiful.  It was great to get away from the routines of our normal life and we had a lovely dinner and some good chatting over a few relaxing drinks. Noice.

......I tend to go a bit of a magazine binge when we do road trips, don't really know why!  Here are a few of the mags I bought over the weekend! ( Also found a newish copy of Simply Crochet in a newsagency, we don't get that locally so I had to buy it! :) )  Lots of good reading here, and I guess the colouring book isn't really a magazine, so that doesn't count. :) 

Now it's time to get on with this new week, I have quite a busy one planned, although my car is playing up so I might be more house bound than I intended.  I have a newsletter to get out, a yarn club to plan (exciting!!), a blanket to finish, crochet classes to run, and new stock to source and order!  
Lots of fun work to be done. :) 

What's on your plate this week? 


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New in the shop....

How is your week going? 
I hope it has been a good one so far! 

I have had lots of lovely new yarn arrive at Little Woollie Makes headquarters over the last week, so I have had a lovely time photographing and uploading it into the shop and making it look pretty here in the studio.  This handprinted chunky alpaca from Misti Alpaca is such a beautiful yarn, so so soft!  And the colours!! 
I am now trying to find the perfect pattern to show off all those gorgeous colours, perhaps a cowl or skinny scarf .........
( I have to admit I have gone and ordered a few more colour ways in this special yarn, I couldn't resist such a beautiful play of colours, this is a special treat yarn for sure! ) :) 

I have also received a new shipment of Loyal Chunky 14ply, a nice thick 100% wool that will work up nice and quickly on a bigger needle or hook.  Some lovely colours available too! :) 

Here they are on my new shelving that my fabulous dad made me, I'm a lucky girl! :) 
There are also new colours in the Colorworks, Baby Merino, and Cascade Ultra Pima and 13 more shades in the Cascade 220!  (Still got to photograph those - tomorrows job!) 

I am swimming with new ideas and inspiration at the moment, I am crazily hooking away on a blanket commission, and then have a few other little blankets I want to have a go at, plus start making things for a winter market I am planning to attend. 
So lots of happy hooking ahead for the next few weeks!

Have you got much on your crafty plate at the moment? 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Starting something new.....

Lots of colourful circles waiting to be squared up! 

Hello there! 
How are you going my crafty friends?  
It feels like I haven't been here for ages! 

I have been missing my little blog recently, the days have been whizzing by without a lot of computer time, but today I am going to show you a blanket that I am in the process of making.  

It is another Sunburst Granny Square blanket, I really love this square, so simple yet pleasing!  Priscilla Hewitt sure knows how to write a great crochet pattern!
I have made this pattern before, a long time ago when I first learnt to crochet, ( about 4 years ago), so it has been nice to give it another go in completely different colours.

This is the beginning, I wanted to use up some of the large stash of scrap balls that I own, so lots of pretty colour all mixed together ...

...then I started playing around with colour schemes within all the different colours I was using, getting a bit side-tracked, I think I might come back to these colours and make a more limited palette blanket one day, too cute not to document though!  Loving all the pinks and greens together. :)

Next it was time to to start squaring them up, I chose grey because it a nice neutral background colour, plus I had just received my shipment of Cascade 220 Superwash and it had a lovely Silver Grey that I just had to use!

 ....more squares and colour........

....this is where I'm up to at the moment, I need to make about another 20 squares to make a cot blanket size, but I think they are looking nice and chirpy all together!  Very happy with this little stash busting project!  :) 

So my friends, what have you been making recently?  
Are you doing any stash busting?
Are you finding it harder to fit in computer time like me? 
How do you balance all the different social medias around these days?  Is it even worth trying? I am having trouble juggling my blog, Instagram and Facebook, I don't even bother with Twitter or anything else.  And I'm not posting on Facebook as much either!   
There has to be time to live real life or there is nothing to post about anyway! 

Talk soon! 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

weekly stills...

1. Wound all these scrummy colours into cakes the other day, all ready to make into something special.  Not sure what that is yet, but I'm bound to think of something!  

2. More yarny goodness, gotta love on line shopping!  This divine sock wool arrived the other day all the way from Canada.  Love these colours so much!  Very happy girl here!! :) 

3 + 4. Starting something new,  more to come on this project soon! 

5. Cool shadows in the morning light....

Life has been extra busy the last few weeks, and my blogging time has been suffering, so sorry for not being around here much, I'm hoping to get back into it this week, I have a few things to share with you all! 


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New yarn in the shop - Cascade 220 Superwash!

Hello there! 
How has your week been going? 
I have been a busy girl putting on my shopkeepers hat this week. 
You might remember the order of Cascade 220 Superwash that I received a while ago, well  I have finally spent some time uploading photos of the new yarn and putting it in my online shop so now it is all there ready to buy!  
I am so happy to be finally stocking this wool, I have heard lots of good things about it,  and am so looking forward to making something with it, it feels so soft and the colours range is fabulous!  I currently have 58 colours in stock, and am planning on adding to that in my next order, so there really is a colour for everyone! 
It can be worked at an 8ply gauge with a 4mm hook/needles or as a 10ply with a 4.5/5mm hook/needle, I think it is technically classed as a light worsted weight yarn, but it feels very close to an 8ply in my opinion!  And I love the big 100g balls, so much potential crafty fun! 
If you'd like to have a look you can see them over here! 

........this colour palette looks familiar to me :) I still love this combo of colours! .....

It really is a pleasure being surrounded by all this inspiring colour!! 

The shop will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 - 4pm for anyone who would like to visit in person, just email me (or ring) for the address at littlewoollie@hotmail.com :) 
Or by appointment at any other time, just give me a ring! 
( my contact number is on my shop page here)

Talk soon!