Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hearts and dahlias

Hello! How was your weekend, good I hope.
We had a good one, I managed to make some good progress on my new blanket that I am calling my Big Hearted Blankie.  I am hoping to have this finished next week at some stage.  The plan is to write up a pattern for this one and get it out on Ravelry as soon as I can. 
I thought my stripes of hearts looked very colourful all rolled up, I love looking at colour sandwiches like this!


We went to the Victorian State Dahlia Show the other day, I really love dahlias and want to get more colours in garden next year. There were so many gorgeous showy blooms it was a sight to behold.  I had a good chat with the dahlia people, it always amazes me how people with a passion are so good to talk to about their interest, so generous with their knowledge, I always find their enthusiasm rubbing off on me and I want to experience their level of interest, no wonder I have so many hobbies! Anyway, I bought a few new colours for my garden and am going to go down to a huge dahlia farm  outside Geelong in a few weeks where you can see masses of varieties in bloom and order them for the next season.  I am feeling a bit inspired by my garden at the moment, have to keep chipping away at my jungle while the motivation lasts! :) 

.....a room full of colour..... these spidery ones at the front.......

........I love this peachy coral coloured one, I will be looking to get a few in these shades I think......

,.......these are the  humble offering from my garden this week, I love the red and white one, I must remember to divide this one in a few months! 

So, what have you been up to lately? 
Have you got a heap of hobbies vying for your time like me?

Bye for now! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Friday Finds #31

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Hello everyone! How has your week been? 
 I can't believe it's Friday already, it really feels like it should be about Wednesday.  

Anyway,  it's time for another Friday Finds, I have been trawling around Etsy this week and have found some lovely things to share with you! 
So here we go! 

1. Michelle Robinson, the clever crochet queen at PoppyandBliss has done it again with a fabulous new design, the Illusion blanket, so modern and gorgeous!  It's going on my very long list of things to  make this year!  

2.I have been on the hunt for some speckled type yarn after seeing very cute speckled socks somewhere on the internet, and I think I have found the perfect yarn at  lemonadeshop!   
Heather Rhoads is the dyer at this shop and her hand dyed yarns are so beautiful, but they sell out very quickly, so worth checking the update times! 

3.mikodesign is a shop full of fun things,  I particularly like the Frida doll kits and flag bunting, so cute! There are lots of other doll kits available in this shop, perfect for a crafty peep to have a bit of fun with.  Well worth a look! 

4.In the shop Murtiga you will find these very intriguing stoneware sculptures that I really love!  Ana Bossa is the creative talent behind this shop, I would love a little collection of her  'passersby' sitting on my window sill.  Love!

5. Rebecca Jones is the illustrator behind DrawnByRebeccaJones, and has lots of cute prints of her work available in her shop.   I love her owl print and the colours in her terrarium, so lovely! 

So that's it for this week, I hope you do something fun on the weekend, I am going to try and get stuck into the jungle that is my veggie garden!  Sadly, I have neglected it badly recently and will be paying the price this weekend.  Has to be done though, and I will be so happy when things and cleaned up and growing food again.  

Talk soon! 

PS.  Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my seaside wheels within wheels blanket, you are all so kind and supportive, I really appreciate the crafty community on my computer!  
You're awesome!!! 


Monday, February 23, 2015

Seaside Wheels within Wheels - Finished!

Hello everyone! 
I hope you all had a great weekend!   
I had a market stall at Emu Plains again, which was lovely, and then we spent a fair amount of time at the beach as the temperatures have skyrocketed in the last few days and the water was divine!   My older 2 boys sweltered it out at Soundwave Music festival in Melbourne and had a ball. It was a huge weekend in Melbourne with the White Night Festival and World Cup cricket also on, the boys said the crowds were massive! 

Today I am trying to  catch up on my huge washing pile and get things in and out before a big summer storm hits later on.  I really lead such an exciting life!!! ;) 

At the risk of boring you all stupid with more photos of this blanket,  I thought I would show you how my blues and greens Wheels within Wheels blanket finished up.  I was really happy with this make, I haven't made a blanket with so much off white before, but I love how the circles really pop in the light background.

So a few facts about this blanket : 
Yarn: The circles were made from small amounts of Colorworks and Loyal DK in a variety of greens and blues.  The background was Baby Merino 8ply by Heirloom in cream.
Cot size, 42 squares.

So now I am working on something new, I started this new make before the wheels blanket, but now I can really get stuck into it!  
I will show you some progress later on I think, I'm really liking how it is coming up! 

Have a great day! 
Talk soon! 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This week.....

A few things from my week......

1+2+3. Update on my blanket progress, it's all joined together and I am onto the edge now, then it needs a good blocking!  I don't have a picture of the edge at the moment, but it really makes a difference and I think it looks great !  Hopefully have a tadah for this one later in the week.  :)

4. Cotton, crochet books and mags looking pretty on the table :)  Just as nice as a bowl of fruit and I don't have to throw out a heap of rotting fruit when it doesn't get eaten! Win!

5. Halfway through a Summer sky cloud washer, hope to have it ready for the market on Saturday....

6. My favourite dahlias are flowering, don't you love this dark purple/pink/maroon colour!  I really love their showiness and massive size, so over the top, they have to be in my top five flowers. :)

7. This may look just like a boring garage to you, and yes it is, but it is also a before shot of my new Little Woollie Makes studio!!  Imagine this, those big iron doors are going, and some lovely glass french doors and a couple of windows are going to replace them.  The windows and doors arrived today and I cannot wait to get the next stage done.  The bricks are getting plastered and painted, and the floors getting lino or carpet, I haven't decided yet. And I am getting news lighting too!  Then the fun really starts with the decorating. ....So exciting! 

So, that's a bit of what I have been up to lately, how about you? 

Talk soon! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

5 friday Finds #30

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Hello there!  How has your week been?  Good I hope!   
It has been quite a busy one here, but I feel like I am finding a good rhythm to my day and settling  back into the school routine and starting to actually feel like I am being productive.  I have discovered the joys of podcasts while I crochet, I think I will do a post about what I have been listening to next week, I am so inspired and raring to get stuck into my woolly business!  It feels great to have some direction. :) 

So anyway, today it's time for some more lovely Etsy finds, here we go! 

1. Sol Maldonado is the crochet designer behind the lovely shop bySol, it is full of gorgeous crochet patterns like this 'Yummy Flower granny square', what a fabulous texture in this pattern, it looks so squishy! I also like the cute little ice cream cones, there's lots to check out in this shop. :)

2. I love the gorgeous handmade necklaces and brooches made by Pera P Kraljic in her shop Percee. I guess you could call her a textile jeweller, lots of beautiful things here that are a little bit different. :) 

3.There are lots of beautiful hand painted ceramics in the shop joyelizabethceramics.  Made by Joy Elizabeth, I love this little cloud plate and the robin jugs, so cute!! 

4. Melodie Stacey is the artist behind maidolls, an amazing shop full of OOAK art dolls, drawings and embroideries.  Her dolls are beautiful, how could I go past them in their gorgeous knitted dresses! Beautiful work!

5. EsteMacleodDesigns is the shop of talented artist Este MacLeod, where she sells her prints and original artworks, I loved all the work in this shop, it was hard to pick just two to show you here! 
Este also has notebooks and cards for sale too, for all us stationery addicts out there. :) 
I have noticed that Etsy are now selling Gift Cards that can be used in lots of shops to buy things.  Perfect for people who like to choose their own presents, it is so nice to browse Etsy knowing you have money to spend, what a treat!  I think I might get one for my sister for her birthday, she loves a bit of handmade and would enjoy choosing something special I think. :)

So that's it for today, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and maybe get a little bit spoilt on Valentine's Day tomorrow.   
I'll live in hope, although I don't think my fella has even realised it's Valentine's Day!  I might make him his favourite chocolate pudding for dessert, I'm such a romantic!! ;) 

Have a good one! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wheels within Wheels update....

Hello! It has been busy around here recently! 
I have been hooking away at these circles and I think the end is in sight!  
What do you think of the cream background?  I am really happy how it is looking so far, I think the blues and greens will stand out nicely and make good pops of colour.  
My pile of squares is now much bigger than my pile of circles, and I am going to try really hard to finish them off tonight and then sew them all together tomorrow.  I am wondering if I should block each individual square or if I could sew them together and then block the whole blanket....

This fab pattern is Wheels within Wheels by Frankie Brown, I found it on Ravelry. :)

Okay,  I have to go and get busy with my hook! 
Talk soon  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Summer Sunday

Hello there!  How are you? 
How has the week started for you? Mine is looking good! 
I like to do the odd post about other non crafty things we have been doing, and thought it would be nice to share the  sunny and happy Sunday we just had......

This last week we have been having some lovely Summery warm weather, almost hot actually, which is nice, as I don't feel we have had a real Melbourne Summer this year, it has been far too cool.   On Sunday we had a little road trip down the West Coast looking for 'real' surf beaches. (Apparently the surf beaches we have locally don't rate!).   My middle son Andre likes a bit of a surf, so we took his board and went looking for waves.   

Max at Torquay
Our first stop was Torquay where I did some people watching while the boys had a swim.......

......I thought it was funny how these people looked ready for a walk in the snow while the water was full of swimmers :) .........

......this little plane flew over a few times, it looked good against the blue sky......

.....there were loads of learner surfers at this beach, it was very choppy though, so not a lot of wave catching was happening, but every one was trying hard and having fun! :)

Then we drove on to Anglesea where the beach was a little less crowded and the waves were better....

....I love the cliffs around this beach, this is my husbands hometown so we have spent a lot of time here when we were younger and it's always nice to go back for a visit.......

.....Andre took his board out and had some fun catching a few waves, he is getting quite enthused about surfing so we might come down here again 's a nice change from gaming! 

.....he was very happy with his new wetsuit, he stayed completely dry inside it and said he was not cold at all.......

It was a lovely day out, and I got a lot of crochet done on the drive! Bonus! :)  We used to do day trips much more often when the boys were younger, but as they have gotten older doing their own thing more, it has become a rare treat to have them with us. Even though we were without Jesse who had to work, it felt a bit like old times, so nice!  

Do your children still do day trips with you?  
Or are there becoming rare family days, like for me? 

It does make me nostalgic for the time when my family where little, but then again it is great seeing my boys grow up and become more independent.  I think I will just really enjoy spending fun days with them when they happen, and maybe plan them a bit more often!!

I'll show you my crochet progress tomorrow, I think I am still on track to have this blanket finished for the market :) 

Have a lovely day everyone!