Thursday, January 28, 2016

Getting organised - Groups and classes for early 2016

Hi there everyone !

How is your day going?  I'm hoping you're having a cracker of a day like me! 
I'm feeling very productive today, I have been planning the classes and crafty groups that I'm going to offer here at my studio/shop, and it is quite exciting thinking about all the good things that could happen. 

I am also nearly finished with a big blanket that I am making for a lovely customer, so that is making me happy too.  It's always nice when the end is in sight!  I'll show you that one when it is totally finished, I think it deserves a tadah post all of it's own! 

So here is the list of crafty groups and classes and workshops that I have come up with so far.  Hopefully there is a time that will suit most people, it is hards to cater for everyone, but I am trying to have some day things and a night thing too for people who work. 

Classes and social stitch groups for 2016

Yarny Crafty Social Club
Tuesdays : 10.30am -12.30am or
Fridays : 1.00pm - 3.00pm
Bring what you are working on (crochet, knitting, embroidery, whatever!) for a bit of social crafting with me and other lovely crafty peeps. Morning/afternoon tea and a good yarny chat provided ! These are weekly group, so bring a friend and let's get these groups growing!
$5.00 a head.
Starting next week, Tuesday 2nd February
and Friday 5th February.
Email me, Julie, at for any further info or to say you're coming!  I'd love to meet you! :)

First Wednesday of the Month Crochet Club
This is a monthly get together on a Wednesday evening, 7.00 -9.30, for more social hooky time.  $5.00 a head.
Email me if you would like to come along, everyone is welcome!
Starts back up first Wednesday in February, ( 3rd Feb) .

Beginner Crochet Lessons
I am offering beginner crochet lessons on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. 10.00am -12.00, $25.00 a head.  (Some Saturday mornings are available too) If you'd like to learn how to crochet, don't be shy, feel free to get in touch and we can book a time. Crochet is a great thing to learn with a friend, groups are generally very small and I am happy to do private lessons.
Email me, Julie, at for more info or to book time.

Tapestry Crochet Workshop
Saturday 27th February  1.30pm -4.30pm
Learn the fabulous technique of tapestry crochet to extend your creative options in crochet.  You will need to have basic crochet skills to do this class.  All materials and a pattern are provided, and there is cake and coffee! $40 a head.
Email me if you'd like to come along!


So that is that! 

If you live anywhere near Crib Point on the Mornington Peninsula and would like to join in with any of these or if you have another idea for something I could offer, feel free to get in touch! 

Have a great day!  
Talk soon! :)  

Monday, January 18, 2016

random happenings

1 + 2.  Th Emu Plains Market on Saturday.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon and evening, a big crowd and fabulous stall holders, my sister the florist, made some little jar posies for my stall this time and they really added some lovely colour.  Lovely to meet a few readers of this little blog too! :)

3. It's been pretty hot here recently, so I like to give my chooks a little treat to cool them down.  They adore cold watermelon from the fridge, their heads were in a pecking frenzy! 

4. Close up of one of the jar posies my sister made, I got to keep this one! :) 

5. Great thing about Summer - cherry season!  So delicious and shiny. :) 

6 + 7. Some of my recent crochet makes, I haven't been showing much crochet over here because I seem to always be making the same things and I don't want to bore you silly! lol.  I promise to make something different soon! :) 

8. A bit of colourful yarny love to put a smile on your face, so cheery and bright, this Nikkim Cotton is so lovely! 

9. Earlier today, bushfire in our town, this is looking over our back fence.  A lot of huge smoke clouds that would billow up very dark and dirty, then billow up very white and fluffy, it was weird and scary. A bit too close to home for my liking.  One house was burnt down, but it could have been a lot worse, we have fabulous CFA and fire brigades around here, and the community really pulls together and looks out for each other. Makes me proud of our little town!  Heres hoping there are no more fire dramas for Crib Point this Summer. Fingers crossed.

How has your week been?  



Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello New Year!

Hello there!
Its already the 5th of the month, and I haven't even wished you all a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely New Year and have enjoyed the holiday time, we have had a lovely break and I am now gearing up for a big 2016!

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up the shop and rearranging things, trying to create a bit more space in there.  I can't believe this time last year I was dreaming about this studio/shop, it feels like it's been around for longer than10 months,  I have certainly filled the space very quickly!

It looks so nice now all tidy and inviting, I just had to take a few photos.  It is so much fun and I feel lucky to have a physical shop that people can come to and but their yarn.  Online is great, but I love being a shopkeeper and I think having both an online presence and a bricks and mortar shop means I can reach a lot of people and share some gorgeous yarns! shelves of glorious MoYa and Vinnis colour yarns, it is hard to part with this lovely stuff.......

....there is actually room to move around without bumping into things now! Yay! ........

........I love my shelf of Misti Alpaca yarns, so colourful and touchable!!.......

.........I managed to find room to bring back my little couch, so happy with this, it's a great spot to crochet and a bit more comfy than the table and chairs..........

I feel quite energised by my tidy up, I can't wait to work in my shop this year.  
I have decided to open more often, I am thinking Monday to Thursday 10.30am -2.30pm, and other times by appointment still.  
I am also going to start advertising that I am here a lot more, I don't think many people know the shop exists as we are not on a main street and are a bit tucked away. 
 Hopefully the shop can get better known in 2016. :) 
I think a restructure of classes and crochet groups is also on the cards, something to work on later in the week! 

So are you all ready for a great new year?  
What plans are you making for 2016? 
I have lots, I love beginnings, I'm just not that great at following through on things, something I am very aware of and am trying to address this year! :) 

Talk soon! 


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve

It feels like ages since I've given my poor old blog any attention, so sorry for the unexpected absence! Life just got busy and blogging has been on the part of my to-do list that I just didn't seem to get to! 

Oh well, these things happen don't they! 
It's Christmas Eve here and I thought I'd share my shiny, happy, Christmas dangley thingy with you.  This is our answer to a Christmas tree this year, non-traditional but colourful and fun.  I think it suits the hot Summer Christmas that we get in Melbourne. ( It's going to be hot tomorrow, so might head to the beach after the big lunch!) 

I also had to show you the very cute mushrooms that I made from The Little Box Of Crochet November kit.  Have you heard of  TLBOC?  It's a subscription box that arrives once a month with a different project and all the supplies you need to make it.  The first one was these gorgeous mushrooms designed by the amazing Kate from Greedy for Colour, aren't they so cute!! 
Amanda Bloom is the clever lady behind this new business, it is based in the UK, but she sends all over the world, so I couldn't wait to sign up!  Have a look at her website over here if you are interested in seeing more about her lovely boxes. 

I turned my mushrooms into hanging decorations and I love them on my dangley thingy! 

......I strung some lights around it too, it looks very pretty all glowing at night, a bit hard to capture in a photo....

So how have you been going?  
Are you looking forward to a nice festive break after the busy build up before Christmas? 
I know I am! 

I'd just like to thank you all for visiting this blog, even if the posting is somewhat sporadic!  I love my tiny corner of the crochet crafty online community, it is so supportive and kind!   I am planning on being far more organised and regular in the new year, so hopefully there will be a lot more posts!  

Also I'd like to thanks all the wonderful yarn lovers who have supported Little Woollie Makes Yarn Store during 2015, I so appreciate that you take the time and make the effort to shop with me, I am only a little shop and your support is just the best, you are all fabulous!! xxxxx 
I have a big wishlist of yarns that I'd like to get in the shop in 2016, so stay tuned, there will be lots of yarny love happening around these parts this coming year! 

Wishing you and your families all a very Merry Christmas, our gathering is quite small this year so it will be a lovely chilled out day, lots of food and drink and sitting out in the sunshine! 
Have a great day tomorrow! 


Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Crafty Christmas Box

Hello there!  How is your week going?  
It seems like a very short one here as we had a holiday on Tuesday for the Melbourne Cup, mid-week holidays always seem to throw the rest of the week off kilter!  
Anyway I am trying to get some yarny related work done and knock a few things off my to do list, and this is one of them, my Crafty Christmas Box! 

I have really enjoyed putting together my Yarny Love Club boxes for my club members, so I thought it might be nice to offer a special box for all the crafty peeps out there who like to make things around Christmas time ( I know I always like making a few decorations and bits and pieces to add to gifts, that hand made touch is always lovely! ) 

I will be opening another round of the Yarny Love Club later in November for the Summer months ( I am sending out the November boxes in a couple of days to finish off the Spring subscription), but this is just a special seasonal one off box separate to the Yarny Love Club.

Anyway here are the details if anyone is interested!  :) 

Crafty Christmas Box

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought it might be time for a little Crafty Christmas cheer for those of you who are planning a few handmade touches as part of your Christmas celebrations this year.
I am putting together a festive Crafty Christmas box to help inspire you to get creating, whether it be for decorations, or cute additions to handmade gifts.  The box will contain at least 150g of yarn, plus lots of other goodies to help you on your crafty way.
I am giving 2 colour choices -
1. Traditional Christmas colourway (think reds, greens and cream) or
2. A Scandi inspired colourway ( think red, pale blue and cream).

Apart from the yarn, the boxes will contain a mix of crafty things like ribbons, buttons, beads, pompom makers, tinsel, cottons and anything else I come across and think would be useful or cute, as well as a list of my favourite Christmas patterns to inspire you!

The cost of each box is $50 which includes postage.
To sign up for this one-off Crafty Christmas box, please email me your colour choice and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

Sign ups are open for a week, and I will be sending out the boxes at the end of November so you have plenty of time to get in the Crafty Christmas spirit through December! 
Australia only sorry! (There won't be enough time to send overseas before Christmas!)


Thanks for reading you guys!  
I hope you have a great sunshiney day, even though it is great and wet here! 


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stills from my week....

1. Finished things that I made for the Emu Plains Market ( that seems like ages ago!).  Time to start making again for the next one. :) 

2.  It is rose season around here, and I cannot get enough of these showy girls.  The scent is just divine, and I love how full this variety is.  Happy days! 

3 +4 +5.  I have been very absent from these parts recently, (so much for my attempt to post every day of October, my poor neglected blog!) one of the reasons is all the new yarn that has been coming into the shop over the last few weeks, so many lovely distractions and lots of happy work packing it into shelves and sending out orders.  These are some of the new hand dyed organic cottons from Sourth Africa, so very lush.......but I will be giving them a post of their own shortly! :) 

6. I captured this beautiful sunrise on the weekend when we had a night away at Torquay staying at the RACV resort at the Golf Club.   The sky was very spectacular, it makes me wonder why I don't get up early every morning to see the sun rise. :) 

7 +8 +9 .  It is also poppy time in the garden at the moment, these beauties self seed all over the place and I always love to see the new combinations that appear each year.  Lats year there were lots of single flowered pink shades, this year there are lots more mauves and super frilly doubles.  So lovely! 
The bees adore them, the sound is amazing, all that humming and buzzing! 


Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with something that might be interesting to you, I am working hard on so many different things at the moment, it feels like I have too many balls in the air at once, and I still have to show you all the new yarns that are in stock!!  

So what have you been up to recently? 


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

little snippets and a winner!

1. Bunting, bunting everywhere!   I really should hang this happy pile of colour around my shop.

2. + 3.  I have been working with lovely pastel colours this week making a few extra washers for the market on Saturday, and also making another heart bunting with a slightly stronger colour palette, very enjoyable work! :)   I don't think I've posted anything on here about the new Vinnis Colour Nikkim cotton that has come into the shop recently, it is so beautiful with so many gorgeous soft shades (the pastel colours I have been using in the heart washers).  I must do a post about it soon. 
(That's the problem with using multiple social medias, I can never remember what I've posted where! I have been using Instagram quite a bit recently, and when I put something up there often I feel like it has been dealt with and forget to share on the blog!! Poor neglected blog! :)   )

4. + 5.  Frank came to visit me in the Studio yesterday and found it a very interesting place!  I don't let the cats in here very often, so they are full of curiosity when they are allowed in. :) 

6.  Spring is in full swing around here at the moment, the garden is so beautiful and wild and full of flowers and blossom, the poppies are one of my favs and are putting on a great show!  Lovely long stems too. 


And yes, we have a winner in my giveaway for the gorgeous crochet book 'Let's go camping' by Kate Bruning,  thanks you all so much for entering, I loved reading all your comments, I wish I had a book for you all!  
Anyway, the winner ( as chosen randomly by my son) is Rie!  Congratulations !  I'll be in touch for your postal address and get it out you ASAP. :) 


Have a lovely day/night everyone, I'm off to do some hooky before bed. :)