Monday, November 11, 2019

Mini Heart Bunting - Crochet Fun!

Hi there, my crochet friends! 
I hope all has been good in your creative endeavours, I have been busy hooking up a storm recently, even though the blog silence may suggest otherwise! 
Today I thought I'd share with you something I have been crocheting for fun - these little tapestry crochet heart flags.  I seem to love the heart motif and have used it in many of my makes over the years, and I am quite pleased with these little bunting flags! 

They are not very big (only 11 stitches wide) so seem to hook up in no time.
If you are not familiar with Tapestry Crochet, there is a tutorial post I made a few years ago about how to do the basics that should show you how to change colours and crochet over  the second colour to hide it inside the row.  it is over here if you need a refresher. 

I have written up a little pattern so you can have a go at making some of these if they tickle your fancy.  I have used 4ply wool and a 2.5mm hook for mine,  but you could do them in 8ply and use a 3mm or 3.5mm hook.  They are great stash busting makes, only needing a small amount of wool for each flag. 

Until next time, have a lovely yarny day! 


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