Monday, May 13, 2013

19/52 year of happy

Four happy moments from my week.

1. Wow! Thank you for such a great response to my crochet star tutorial!  So many lovely comments from you all, I was really surprised and delighted that these little things got such a nice reaction, it made me very happy to share the creative love!  Thank you for all the great encouragement you give me to continue with this blogging lark, hello and hugs to new followers!  I don't really know why you all keep coming back for my prattling on and sporadic posts, but I am really glad you do!  xxx

2. Mother's Day yesterday was a very cruisey happy day, I made muffins for morning tea with my mum, and spent the rest of the day just mooching around, doing not much at all.
 ( maybe a bit of crochet here and there too!)

3. Amazing cloud formations this afternoon, they were just about slipping away by the time I got my camera.  A wet, stormy week is predicted, so I hope to see some more dramatic skies in the up coming days.

4. Soup of the Week - lamb and barley - sooooo good!  Lamb shanks are perfect for this but I used lamb shoulder off cuts this time ( on a bit of a tight budget this week), and it was just as delicious!

So I hope you all had lovely a Mother's Day and were spoilt rotten, 
and have many happy moments in your week too!


  1. What a perfect week of Autumn happy, nothing better than homemade soup. It Spring here but we're having a similar blue sky cloudyness with the winds chasing the clouds so fast. Your lovely little stars have made it to my future nakes list, they're fab.
    Clare x

  2. love your stars....did I tell you yet???? ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  3. Hi There, That soup looks really yummy and hearty!!!And that cloud looks as though its falling to the ground!!!Hope you have a really great week!!!

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  5. oh I was going to comment on how cute your stars are! i'm going to go check out your tutorial now.
    thanks for sharing! I love this post!

    trish @ tales from ...

  6. I wish I could make soups but most attempts have been absolute disasters!

    I do love your little stars :)

  7. Can we have a recipe for the soup. It looks delish!

  8. Love those stars. What a fantastic idea!

  9. I'm a crochet beginner, can you tell me what size hook you used? Thanks!! Your blog is GREAT!

    1. Hi Vera B, I used a 2.5 mm hook with 4ply wool for the small stars, and a 4mm hook and 8ply wool for the bigger stars. Hope this helps, and thanks for visiting here! J xx


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