Tuesday, May 7, 2013

18/52 year of happy

Four things from my week that put a smile on my face.

1. This week I have been getting up a lot earlier than usual,  Jesse has decided he wants to go to the gym before school 3 times a week, so I am up early to make the school lunches.  I should probably do them the night before, but then I would miss glorious sunrises like this!

2. I have rearranged my crafty space this week, moved out a big bench and bought in my 'hard rubbish' table and chairs.  I think it would be quite nice having little classes around this table, and it is a lovely sunny spot in the mornings to do a bit of creative stuff.

3. Beautiful Autumn days, Max got a metal detector for his birthday, so we gave it a workout at Pt Leo the other day. The beach was deserted and perfect, such a lovely walk. (No joy on the treasure hunting though)

4. Did a spot of baking to try out my new 'ninja bread' men cutters. Cute!

  One more shot of my work table in the morning sun.

I hope you noticed some happy moments in your week too!



  1. I teach crochet classes from home and it is my favourite day of the week. Go for it! Jo x

  2. The cookies are so cute, and I really like that table and chairs.

  3. I love your crafty space! I would love to have a room that I could devote to my yarn and other craft supplies!

  4. I love your crafting space and the table and chairs too - and your little ninja cookies are cute. :)

  5. I love your crafty space, the walls are painted such a lovely colours. The ninja bread men made me smile. I Iove reading these year of happy posts. I've recently started one of my own as find them so inspiring.

    Clare x

  6. A lovely happy post - wish you lived nearer I would love to come and join a crochet work shop x

  7. I like your work space and the table and chairs... I too would like to join in a workshop or two but live on the other side of the world x

  8. Your workspace is so inspiring! Have fun xx


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