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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making day....

Hi there!
How's your day been going?

I have had  a bit of a creative day, making more layers for some tree decorations, I am hoping to maybe finish these ones by the end of the weekend.  

I have been inspired to get cracking on these because my order of cute pompom trims arrived the other day, so I have lots of new colours to play with!

There is nothing like a heap of new haberdashery supplies to get my crafty enthusiasm going, I tend to go a bit overboard with the ribbons and trims!

I am really happy with this lot of colours and how they are looking all together, Just what I had in mind! Don't you love it when you head vision works out in real life! :)

My table was a lovely colourful mess, I did enjoy myself!

I will have to try and tidy up a bit before I start tomorrow,
 but I am sure it will end up looking very similar.

I had an extra crafty day really, as I also blocked all the squares that I have finished for the 'Wheels within Wheels' blanket.  Oh my, they look so much better!  Show you tomorrow!

(I bought my pom pom trims from Craft Queen, I found the service Nicole provided was excellent, and her range of different craft supplies awesome!!  She has a massive ribbon section too, so many lovely things! And 10 pages of washi tapes!!!  It is definitely worth a browse if you are into this type of thing!)

Anyhow, I think that's all for today, I'm going back to hook some new wheels!



Monday, December 10, 2012

More decorations......

Hello!  Just a quick post to show you the other lovely decoration that came my way from the Handmade Ornament Swap.  Isn't it gorgeous !  And it looks fantastic on our quirky tree.
Megan from Silver Threads of Happiness made it for me, thank you so much Megan!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Crafty Christmas Star(t)s.....

Well, It's October now and that means it's the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas in terms of hand made presents and decorations.  It's not too early and not too last minute, yep, the perfect time!
I do love Christmas time, it gives the crafty inclined a good excuse to make stuff. 
 It's so nice to have a purpose when crafting, don't you think?  I do enjoy pointless crafty action for it's own sake too, but I really like a reason to craft it up as well!

So with that in mind I found the knitted stars I made last year (way too last minute to make it onto the tree), and am determined to get them finished properly (sorry if you've seen them before on my blog) and make a heap more to give to my family as little Pre-Christmas pressies for their trees.  
I am still looking for the pattern I used, it's on the internet somewhere, I'll try and find it before I end this post. 
(here is the link to the Dutch Sisters pattern)

One of the things I liked about these stars is that they only take tiny amounts of wool, so I can use up all the scraps from my blankets and other makes.

I think some made from these lovely Christmassy colours would be great, I only have little bits left of this Pear Tree super soft merino yarn and I think some little stars would be a fittingly gorgeous way to use it up.

Then I have this lot to tackle!  I am thinking some mini ones using 4ply and smaller needles would be a nice contrast, and then I could thread them together and make a starry  garlandy thing.... so many possibilities !  Maybe a mobile, or a starry wall hanging........

So are you thinking about Christmas too?
Do you make things for presents? 
Or is it still too early for you?

I'd like to do a hand made Christmas this year, but I don't think I could come up with presents for my brothers in law ( or at least anything they would want!), so maybe I'll make things for the people I think would like it and leave the others with bought stuff.

So with good intentions I am going to start my Christmas crafting! Yay!
Let me know what you are making, I'd love to see!
Ok, that's it for now, have a great day!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas star crafting.....

 Hello everyone!
I thought I'd show you what I have been making this week, something a bit Christmassy, as December is nearly here!  It is a cute little knitted star, I am loving making these, the little diamonds are quite addictive and I love all the colour combo possibilities!

I was taking a bit of a look around blogland and came across the pattern for these stars 
here at the lovely blog  Dutch Blue,  (now called The Dutch Sisters) of course I had to give it a try!  I have kind of given it a Little Woollie touch, but it is pretty much the same pattern.

And then I noticed that Vanessa at Do You Mind If I Knit  was making the same little diamonds, I'll be interested to see what she does with them, her work is always gorgeous!

I've really enjoyed dusting off the knitting needles for this one, so I thought I'd share my little side track into knitting....... here are some of the little diamonds straight of the needles, lots of lovely colours!  I am using 8ply pure wool for these in a variety of brands, it is a great pattern for using up little straggly bits of wool left over from other things.

.....I like the striped effect, so have made many stripey combinations.

........after a bit of blocking they hold their shape better....... are some of the colour combos I had fun playing around with (and have yet to finish)....

 .....a Christmassy colourway..........

.......and here is the one I have sewn up so far, I didn't do matching colours for back and front, I like the mix of colours and stripes, I think they all go together .......

.............I decided to crochet my star together instead of sewing right around it, here it is all pinned up ready to be crocheted.......

............and here is the finished star! I am really pleased with how this worked out, and have lots more planned, they are fun, fun, fun!!

I popped 2 nice vintage buttons in the middle, one on each side, so I can hang these babies and let them twirl a bit, this way there is not really a back and a front.

 Haven't got around to hanging it yet, but might do a bit of a bigger ta dah when I have finished a few more and can get a bit more of a massed effect, I envision a lovely dangley display of colourful stars, maybe in a window..........I have a heap of lovely 4ply wool that might be just the thing for some smaller ones too.....hmmmmm.

I have a few other Christmas decoration ideas to try out, so will show you how they turn out when I get around to them!

Back to the clickety clack of my needles, I think my crochet hook is getting jealous..haha

Have  a great day!