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Monday, September 8, 2014

weekly stills....

1. A new tapestry crochet washer I have started with the Cascade Ultra Pima, I am planning quite a few of these for Christmas pressies.

2+3+4. It is a very flowery time of year around here and I love it! My hyacinths are doing really well, and I am able to pick some to bring inside and still have lots out in the garden.  All these colourful beauties came from my garden.  Such a simple pleasure to pick a bunch of flowers for yourself, but one I look forward to all year!

5+6. These are a couple of shots of my stall at the NannaCool market on Saturday, I forgot to put my camera in, so these were taken on my phone, so they are a bit blurry, but I think you can get the idea.   We had a lovely day, it was great to chat to some crafty peeps and I was greatly encouraged by all the positive feedback for my stall set up and crochet stuff, everyone was so nice!  It was also lovely to meet some of the people who read this blog!  Hello everyone :)! Thanks for stopping by and having a chat, I still find it a bit strange to meet people in real life that read this, often it feels like I am just writing a little crafty diary to myself and I forget that real people in my community actually read it! Blogging is  kind of weird like that, it is produced in isolation but actually reaches across the world!  How fantastic!

7+8. Last week a lot of little crochet took place, I spent a fair amount of time on the couch surrounded by balls of wool and crochet flowers, I did manage to nearly fill my tin with flowers so I was happy with that! Also managed to sell a few at the market so it was all for a good cause.


How was your week? 
What have you got planned for this one?  
I hope it is full of good stuff for you all! 

I have got some new yummy yarn in my shop to show you tomorrow, just got to take pictures and upload it.  And I think it is time for a giveaway this week, I have fallen behind in my monthly giveaways so time to catch up!

Talk soon! 


Monday, August 18, 2014

To market, to market

Many thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post, it seems many people have been touched by the kindness of their communities too, which is fantastic!

This week I am hoping  to get back in the swing of crafty things as I have signed up for a stall at a new market (to me), to be held in early September, so I had better get cracking! 
The market is called Nanna Cool and is fairly local to me, being held in Chelsea about 40minutes from here.  So if you are anywhere near Chelsea or the Mornington Peninsula on September 6th come and say hello! 

Anyway, I have been making these dangly flowers to take to the market, I think they will add a nice colour hit to my stall, and they are fun to make!
I am using my flower pattern from here to make these, and having fun mixing colours from the lovely selection of Cascade Ultra Pima I got in my shop last week.  So many choices !! 

I have written a list of things I'd like to make for this market, plus there are lots of half made things around my work room that need finishing, so I hope I have enough stuff to make the stall look good.
I am thinking of making it a bit of a pop-up wool shop too, I am going to bring along some bright beautiful yarns to inspire everyone to get out their hooks and needles.  It is always nice to be able to feel the yarns before you buy, one of the drawbacks of having an online shop.

It is very dull here today, so sorry for the dark photos, I have few more flowers to finish off ( I am trying to make one for every branch on my tree) and then I will try and take some better photos to show off my flower tree properly! It should look good. 

What are you up to today?  Got any crafty action happening?

Talk soon! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

weekly stills

1. Salad making from the garden, such easy things to grow and so rewarding!

2+3. Still working on this epic blanket, but the end is in sight, thank goodness!   Hope to post a final update for the CAL soon, and then move onto something new. Yay!

4+5+6+7. It's all about the flowers in my garden at the moment, the iris's are out and looking lovely, roses are in bloom and I have a patch of self sown sweet peas starting to flower too, can't wait to see what colours pop up, these dark ones seem plentiful at the moment, very dramatic.  


It feels like I haven't been around my blog for ages, although it is just over a week and a half since my last post!   I haven't really had a lot to say or any interesting makes to show, ( I am working on that blanket and trying not to get distracted by other makes at the moment),  life has just been whizzing by, filled with every day things that sap all my time and don't leave me with much to blog about!  I am sure I will find my groove again soon and have something more interesting to say!  

Anyhoo, I'm joining in over at The Beetle Shack today to kick start my blogging mojo again, have a look at every one else's weekly stills too.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October garden

So I thought I'd record a few bit of the garden for October, it is really all about the blossom at the moment, with all the apple trees and the cherry tree in full flower, it is pretty stunning.

......the front garden, with the standard flowering cherry, this one is just ornamental, but still so pretty.....

.......this is the  fruiting cherry tree blossom, I think this is the most laden with flowers this tree has ever been, so I have high hopes for a big cherry crop this year, I'll have to net the tree if we want any though......

...........gorgeous apple blossom....

....we still have lots of kale ready to eat in the vegie garden, I have been very slack this year, and we didn't have a lot growing over winter  (other than weeds!), but the kale has been great........

....and these lettuces have been really successful too, I just pick what we need for a meal and they keep on growing strong.......

........this is kind of what the rest of the garden is looking like at the moment, very wild and unruly!....there is a lot of colour though, as my focus on flowers earlier in the year has paid of and they are in bloom now, so nice to pick a bunch from the backyard..........

.....I have these poppies coming up all over the place, quite wildly, they are so pretty that it is hard to be ruthless and pull them out where they are in the way of other things, and the bees love them! ....So I guess they have enough redeeming qualities to earn a spot in the garden...

 ...and lastly the roses are starting to flower as well, and I can smell their gorgeous scent as I wander around the garden, just lovely.....

I am getting my act together for summer veg, I have sown seeds of lots of different tomatoes, I loved being able to make really colourful tomato salads last year and want to do it again, so red, orange, yellow, purple and green tomatoes have been sown, can't wait to see how they do this year.
Also put in zucchini, rattlesnake beans, spring onions, cucumbers, sunflowers, cantaloupes, lettuce, carrots, beetroot, pumpkins, potatoes and sweetcorn, so hope to have lots of home grown things to eat this season!
 I think I just have to put in herbs like basil and coriander and a few capsicums and I think we will have most of the things we eat for summer!

Now I just have to tame my wild garden and everything should be sweet! :)

How does your garden grow at the moment?
Do you grow some/any of your food?

Have a great day, talk soon! 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Catching up....

Outside the Dargo town hall

I have a bit of catching up to do today, this week has been busy, busy, busy!  

Firstly, thank you for the lovely response to my colourful washcloths, so many kind comments! I will get onto a spotty pattern post very soon! 

It has been holidays all round at our place this week, the boys are home from school and Gary has been on holidays too, so normal routines have flown out the window!  We decided to take a day trip up to the hills to visit an old abandoned gold mining town called Grant, where Gary's ancestors originally settled when they came to Australia.  It was a very, very long drive and we happened to choose the day when the weather went mental, storms, winds at gale force and a real cold snap.  

We found the boys great-great-great-grandfather's grave in the cemetery which was quite an historic moment!  The bush has certainly reclaimed this place, the graves were the only real sign of civilisation left.  It is hard to imagine that a little over 120 years ago there were around 2000 people living up here working the gold mines and creating a community.  The town was abandoned when the gold ran out and all the people left for fairer pastures.  I don't blame them, it was certainly a very remote place to get to and I felt very isolated.  

 We did a bit of fossicking around and I added the little bits of broken crockery that I found to a collection that other people had left on a rock.  It was very cold up there, we even had snow for about ten minutes! It melted very quickly, but I can imagine in the middle of winter it would have been freezing!  I can't help but think that the people of earlier generations must have been tough, this place was hours from the nearest big town, built on the side of a mountain, very limited access and must have been very isolated, and yet they established lives, families and businesses here in the bush. Pretty amazing!  The lure of gold must have been very strong! Apparently our ancestor owned the general store and kept the records of births, deaths and marriages for the area.   His store was moved from the town of Grant (the abandoned town) to Dargo in the 1920's, we tried to pick it out when we drove back, but we weren't sure which house it was ( all the buildings in Dargo seemed very old!).

All in all, it was a good day for family bonding and Gary was pleased to show the boys a bit of their heritage.  It was a scary drive home though, lots of tree branches across the roads, and the wind pushing the car around a bit, I was happy to get home! 

I did manage to get a lot of crochet time on the drive I was trying to distract myself from the crazy conditions outside!  I did get a bit cranky though, the crochet hook kept slipping down the side of the seats and I'd be looking for it for ages, getting more and more frustrated!!


......Look what was waiting for me when I got home, my new postcards for my yarn shop!  I am really happy with how they turned out, nice and bright and colourful, now I can send my customers a colourful little message with their order.  I used Moo printing online for these cards and I found it an easy process, I would recommend them, even if they are on the other side of the world!  I guess we really are a global village these days. :)

.....And look, my poppies are out! I had to pick a bunch when I heard it was going to be windy, it's a shame for them to be blown to pieces. 

.....Earlier in the week we had family lunch with my parents and sisters and their families, it was a very pleasant day, nice and warm and we could sit outside and have couple of bevvies!  The kids had fun with their cousins, and my city nephew really enjoyed playing with the chooks!

......And I had to pop a picture of the cat, he loves to relax amongst my crochet, and likes having his photo taken!

I think that is enough for today, well done if you stuck with me to the end! 

Are you on school holidays too?
Are you doing anything fun for the weekend?

Talk soon, have a lovely day!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Flowers for you.....

Spring bounty from my garden...

Today I had a little hunt around the garden to see what I could find for a couple of vases of flowers. I was very happy with my pickings and had to share their beautiful colours with you all.
So here is a bit of a floral feast to add a bit of happy to your Friday.  I'd like to give you all a big bunch of flowers, but that's not really practical, so here's the next best thing, you can pretend all these beauties are sitting on your own shelf, brightening up your day like they brighten up mine! xxxx

tulips from my garden, I can't believe I grew these myself!  I adore the stripes!

this one is such a curious cat, he had to photo bomb my little flower shoot!
 Wishing you a lovely weekend, are you doing anything special?


 PS. Thanks for all your comments on my last post, I'm sure I'm not alone with my creative procrastination!  You all make me feel much better about my making!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I love dahlias

Hello peeps, as promised here is a totally self indulgent, over the top colour feast, in the form of the wonderful dahlia!  I hope these pictures warm and cheer all of you how are going through a cold and bleak winter, summer is on it's way!

I think dahlias would have to be in my top five favourite flowers, they are just so flamboyant and in your face, with such beautiful colours, I find myself planting a few more every year just to see what other colours I can find.

Anyway, heres to sharing the dahlia love......

Have a wonderful sunshiny day!